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Sufis and their dance, the sacred ritual of love

Chanting Mantras

Sufi Dance, The Sacred Ritual of Love

We intuitively use Poetry to Heal or express Joy!

Spiritual Practice, a Meditation, a Mystical Journey

Sufi Dancing or Dervishe Dance is a beautiful Spiritual Practice, a meditation, a mystical journey of spiritual ascent through mind to ’s Love.  It originated amongst Sufis (an esoteric dimension of Islam) and it is a dance, done as a ritual and .

Rumi was a 13th century Persian Sufi poet and philosopher, who wrote 30.000 verses of poetry about divine love and spiritual bondage.  Rumi passionately believed that music, poetry and dance are the path to reach God.  It was from his teachings that the practice of Dervish’s dancing became a ritual.

The Sacred Ritual of

Sufi Whirling and its Meaning

A Sufi spins around his centre for many minutes, letting go, abandoning the ego and surrendering to God.  Spinning through the space, the dance takes the form of the cosmic rhythma spiral.  When the Sufi’s arms are crossed he represents the number one, or God as Oness. 

While whirling, the Dervish’s arms are open: his right arm is directed to the sky ready to receive God's blessings, his left hand is turned toward the earth connecting with it.  The dance is a way of training the Dervish's awareness

For the Sufi, knowledge is metaphysical, and it can be attained only through practice and not through thinking.  The Sufi symbolically turns towards the truth, abandons the ego, and arrives at the Perfect.

Slowly, as the body sways consciousness also changes, the mind assumes a freedom from the earthly bondage.  With this ecstatic dance the Sufi Dancer enters the trance forgetting his Self and becoming united with the Divine Lover.  Their dance becomes ecstasy.  The Sufi unites with the beloved, and they become the instrument for the admiration of creation. Their heart is filled with passionLove is the only way to truly experience the beauty of the world.  In the ritual dance where consciousness penetrates the body and the mind, the lover joins with the beloved, the dance becomes the dance of Divine Love.

Vidhi Sufi dance meditation:

Sufi Dhikr La ilaha ilallah with Sheikh Hassan Dyck at the Concert in Buenos Aires

OSHO: Sufi Whirling

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Pappu Sain playing Sufi Dhol with Dhamaal (sufi dance) 

at Baba Shah Jamal's shrine in Lahore Pakistan.. Pappu Sain is the finest and one of a very few sufi-dhol players in the world 

Metaphysics of sound

Mystical Traditions and Metaphysics of Sound . Learning from the Ancient Egyptian Book of Death

Mystical Traditions and Metaphysics of Sound 

Singing  or mantras could be truly a mystical and a mysterious experience

We sing devotional songs with deep feelings, and full faith, letting the transcendental beauty, and qualities represented within the words enter our souls.


Om Mani Padme Hum - Mantra for Achieving Buddhahood

A mantra is a word or sound that is repeated, during meditation.   Mantras are considered capable of creating transformation of energy / vibration into divine qualities

Hare Krishna Mantra devoted to Krishna

Hare Krishna is a Hindhu Maha (Great) Mantra devoted to Krishna. 

In order to purify the and spiritualize the senses, Hare Krishna followers practice different forms of devotional service.  One of these is chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra.  Singing words of mantras, prayers or devotional songs we become the transcendental vibration of the sound that we repeat, and we become pure love and joy...

Sacred Chants Of Shiva

Singing mantras and sacred chants of Siva frees us from all our karma. 

It is Siva who causes bondage and who made Maya (Illusion).  It is Siva who makes us realise our essential Divine Nature. Siva created the idea of egoism, Karma, pleasure and pain.  It is Siva who offers Moksha or freedom.  Om and Siva are one.

Gayatri Mantra

Chanting Gayatri Mantra creates specific energies - Gayatri mantra inspires righteous wisdom

In traditional Brahmin practice the Gayatri Mantra is often devotionally offered to God at sunrise and sunset to inspire within us His Divinity and His Light to guide our Wisdom towards Righteousness so that we can chose the right path.

Baba Nam Kevalam

Singing mantras is an ancient practice of singing a highly vibrational phrase as a method within a spiritual path

Ananda Marga uses the Sanskrit mantra Baba Nam Kevalam. We are continually in-tuned with the object of our ideation and thoughts.  We are what we think, and what we ideate!  Singing a mantra that within its meaning carries the meaning of infinite love, will resonate within us with lasting internal happiness; with peace and contentment.  Ananda means bliss

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Wu Wei zen poem from Tree of life novel by Natasa Pantovic

You can start your journey with us simply downloading the above course materials and working with spiritual exercises that we have created for you.

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