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Chanting Mantra Hare Krishna, Meaning and Benefits

Mantras Chanting

Hare Krishna Mantra Chanting, Meaning and Benefits

Hare Krishna is a Hindhu Maha (Great) Mantra devoted to Krishna

Hare Krishnas are bhakti yogis, following the yoga of devotion.  They dedicate their lives towards loving Krishna.  They worship Krishna as the highest form of God.  In order to purify their consciousness and spiritualize their senses, they practice different forms of devotional service.  One of these is chanting of the Hare Krishna

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What is the Meaning of Hare Krishna Mantra

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

chanting mantras, hare krishna meaning and benefits, shine love There are three Holy Names that make up the Maha Mantra, Hare, Krishna, and Rama.

1.  Hare directly addresses the energy of the Lord.  Hare can be interpreted as another name of Vishnu meaning "he who removes illusion", or as an another name for Radha Krishna's eternal consort.  

2.  Krishna is the Name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead

3.  Rama is another name of Krishna meaning beloved of Radha

chanting mantras, hare Krishna meaning and benefits Hare Krishnas follow four principles to purify their physical body, as the basis of their spiritual life:

  • They are vegetarians
  • They restrain from sexual activity. Sex is allowed only if married
  • They do not gamble
  • They do not consume alcohol, caffeine, tobacco or drugs.

Benefits of Chanting Mantra

Hare Krishnas believe that chanting will help them purify their mental and emotional body, through the development of 4 virtues:

  • Mercy
  • Self-Control or Austerity
  • Truthfulness
  • Cleanliness of body and mind

Within bhakti-, all that you do should be done as an offering to God.  So offering food is an integral part of the Hare Krishna system.  They offer food to God as an expression of their love for Him.  In preparing food, they take care of cleanliness, ingredients and taste as though it is Krishna who is going to taste it.  The real purpose of cooking is to show the devotion and gratitude to the Lord.  They are excellent cooks and have wonderful vegetarian restaurant all over the world.  To see some of their recipes

Listen to Hare Krishna Mantra

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Krishna Kirtan: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya by Janin Devi

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya a mantra of Krishna. This mantra is known as a Mukti mantra and a spiritual formula for attaining enlightment.

Jay Sita Ram

These images are from the concert at Brindavan Farm by three members of Israeli band Sheva. Join them singing with this amazing bhajan Jay Sita Ram

Harinama with Sacinandana Swami in Madrid

Metaphysics of Sound

Pulsation, vibration, rhythm exists everywhere as Akasha / Sound / Waves and we hope to reach the vibration of Wisdom embedded…

Download a Free Guide to Chanting Mantras with Best Chord Book

  • Singing  or mantras could be truly a mystical and a mysterious experience

    We chant mantras with deep feelings, and full faith, letting the transcendental beauty, and qualities represented within the words enter our souls. We prepared for you a Guide to Chanting Mantras with some very inspiring lyrics, with the best chords, with the spiritual meaning of mantras, and the guide to mantras meditation. Enjoy your Mantras Chanting Journey!


    Om Mani Padme Hum - Mantra for Achieving Buddhahood

    A mantra is a word or sound that is repeated, during meditation.   Mantras are considered capable of creating transformation of energy / vibration into divine qualities

    Hare Krishna Mantra devoted to Krishna

    Hare Krishna is a Hindhu Maha (Great) Mantra devoted to Krishna. 

    In order to purify the consciousness and spiritualize the senses, Hare Krishna followers practice different forms of devotional service.  One of these is chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra.  Singing words of mantras, prayers or devotional songs we become the transcendental vibration of the sound that we repeat, and we become pure love and joy...

    Sacred Chants Of Shiva

    Singing mantras and sacred chants of Siva frees us from all our karma. 

    It is Siva who causes bondage and who made Maya (Illusion).  It is Siva who makes us realise our essential Divine Nature. Siva created the idea of egoism, Karma, pleasure and pain.  It is Siva who offers Moksha or freedom.  Om and Siva are one.

    Gayatri Mantra

    Chanting Gayatri Mantra creates specific energies - Gayatri mantra inspires righteous wisdom

    In traditional Brahmin practice the Gayatri Mantra is often devotionally offered to God at sunrise and sunset to inspire within us His Divinity and His Light to guide our Wisdom towards Righteousness so that we can chose the right path.

    Baba Nam Kevalam

    Singing mantras is an ancient practice of singing a highly vibrational phrase as a method within a spiritual path

    Ananda Marga uses the Sanskrit mantra Baba Nam Kevalam.  We are continually in-tuned with the object of our ideation and thoughts.  We are what we think, and what we ideate!  Singing a mantra that within its meaning carries the meaning of infinite love, will resonate within us with lasting internal happiness; with peace and contentment.  Ananda means bliss...

    Sufi Dancing

    Sufi Dancing or Dervishe Dance is a beautiful Spiritual Practice, a meditation, a mystical journey of spiritual ascent through mind to God's Love.  It originated amongst Sufis (an esoteric dimension of Islam) and it is a dance, done as a ritual and meditation.

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