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Following The Music of Sound H

Following "H" through Ancient Civilizations as Sound of and Cosmic Vibrations

by Natasa Pantović

H as symbol of Age of Pisces

The sound frequency and the use of symbols within our mystical spiritual traditions, all through the centuries of our existence on this planet, carried the initiation into the altered states of , our (H}ope to transmit the spiritual energy between various levels of reality.

Following the name of supreme God, the frequency of the sound of Ya-Ho-Wa within Anglo-Saxon languages, the ancient Arab worlds and within the Slavic cultures, I found some inspiring patterns.

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H in Ancient China

Ancient Egypt Rosetta Stone - 

Ancient Egypt Sound Č (of Grčka or Greece, mačka or cat, China, or Chill, or Tao Te Ching) Frequencies Researching Ancient Egyptian 3 scripts ( hieroglyphs, the sound based Egyptian writings and Ancient Greek)

At one point of my life I have researched Chinese characters’ drawings, and found it to be such a fascinating art, hiding 1,000s of years of wisdom within the sacred symbols. The Chinese writing is from right to left, like the Arabic, so do have this in mind when observing this most beautiful Sh; To hide the sacred “H” our Kings and Priests added “S” to it.

Shen ancient Chinese script in bronze 2000 BC

Shen ancient Chinese script in bronze 2000 BC

Within the Jewish tradition, the task of hiding the sacred “H” was taken very seriously, so whenever they had Ya-Ho-Wa written / drawn within their scriptures, so not to mention the name of God in vain, they have translated it as;Adonai. My friends Maltese, who speak the purest Arabic found on the globe, have accepted Christianity, but have kept the Maltese language that calls the name of God –  AllaH. My daughter, returning back from school, has pointed out that, to find “H” within your body you just need to place your palms together, as receiving a blessing, facing the sky, and look at the symbol / sign your palms produce. It is the exact one of the Ancient Chinese sacred H (Shen – divine consciousness). Now when translating Arabic into the Latin writing, the Maltese have accepted the “left-to-right" writing style and following the ancient tradition, or wisdom hidden within the symbols and writing, have translated the sound Sh as “X”, the Greek symbol for “H”.

While in India, I have realized that Shanti, a name of a famous Indian sage was used by a number of writers through a number of centuries, to publish their works as the work of sages. This has probably been a repeated pattern of many Schools / Publishers of old age. They would have published the works of collective artists / writers under one name, so not to waste time on gaining publicity. A great marketing secret – use the familiar, and people will follow. The same reason was used when Kings gave the same name to their children, it is always a Henry that we are worshiping, so not to get confused with un-necessary changes.

Within the Hindu tradition the sacred “H” was hidden under Shakti, Shiva, Shambo, and many other mantras that contain the sound of the name of Supreme God

It was the “Hellenistic” kingdom, an ancient name for Greece, that has flourished around Mediterranean

升Ancient Chinese sheng rise god divine spirit

Sheng (or rise, go up, ascend)

Sheng is the meeting place of Heaven and Earth - a Human Being.

Shen as carved on bronze inscriptions in the Western Zhou period 1100 BC as a Chinese name

Shen (神) means;"god", "deity", "spirit" or Theos. It is Shen that generates rivers, mountains, or living beings. A second meaning of shen refers to the human spirit and in order to further life to its fullest potential, the spirit must be grown and cultivated. Shen also describes an entity as spiritual, in the sense of inspiring, full of awe or wonder.


The Hanyu dictionary, distinguishes some inspiring meanings forShen

  1. Celestial god(s) / spirit(s) of stories / legends, namely, the creator of the myriad things in heaven and earth and the supreme being.
  2. Spirit, mind, mental faculties; consciousness. Like: concentrated attention
  3. Expression, demeanor; consciousness, state of mind
  4. Portrait
  5. Magical, supernatural, mysterious, also a person with amazing foresight; highly skilled doctor; genius, masterpiece
  6. Esteem, respect; valuable, precious.
  7. Rule, govern, administer.
  8. Cautious, careful, circumspect.
  9. Display, arrange, exhibit.
  10. Dialect. 1. Dignity, distinction. (威风.) 2. Entrancement, ecstasy.

My fascination wih Ancient China got me set my Spiritual Fiction Book A-Ma in China during the Age of Enlightenment...

Ancient symbols and frequencies

Sound of H vs. Sound of Ya vs Ra

Allelu-Ya for worshiping Ya (ja or I as Divine) and the time of mysticism for the worship of “H” that we find in Om Mani Padme Hum, within the name Hristos, the Arabic name of God Alla-h that is written within Old Testament as the name of God in both: Arabic and Hebrew.

“H” as a sound has disappeared from Spanish and Italian, going into the mystical practices, while “H” in English became “Have” - an interesting symbol of Ownership and “Hoću” (I will) for the Slavic people.

The sacred “H” gave quite a bit of trouble to Vuk Karadžić, a Serbian language reformer, who tried to establish this sound, that was colloqually spoken but not-written both within the Serbian and Macedonian languages. H carries Hall, House, Heart (HE-Art), Hindhuism, ToraH (a script or readings from God) Through the development of languages we got: Hodočašće (pilligramige), Hleb, Hobza in Arabic, (meaning bread), Humka (death bed), H-ram (Temple), Homer (a name of perhaps: a Narrater about God), Homo-sapiens, Human, Hor (choir, a song to God), Holly, Humanity, Heaven, Hell, Hero, Hrast (Oak, a holly tree), Bee-Hive, Himna (or Hymn), Hallucinating, or Halucinacija, So-Ham as a Hindu Mantra for becoming God - “I am HAM (translated as It)

Rituals of the Element Fire (in Arabic - Xemx), expressed as Divine Love

Gratefully giving or receiving divine flow light as symbol of divine

Gratefully giving or receiving divine flow Light as symbol of Divine

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus defined Fire (Xemx) as the primal element, the first one to be created by God, fire as Power of God, (h)oly wisdom or divine love, Kundalini sacred flame, or as mentioned in Exodus 3:21, God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush. Read about Ancient Greece: Fire Stolen from Gods.

Did you know that in Arabic, Ra means All Seeing and Ramadan translates as a fast dedicated to God.

Worshiping Fire our ancestors turned to Ra, creating Sun-days (God's days) and various rituals to help them connect with the cycles of Earth. Easter is traditionally dated as the first full moon occurring after the Spring Equinox, as the time of the year, offering us the possibility to enter the time of initiation, or spiritual re-birth of individual souls.

Within the Easter Orthodox Christianity we color eggs to represent this possibility of the re-birth. Within the Ancient Chinese mythology, from the egg that was Chaos, the cosmic regions of Heaven and Earth were born, of Yin and Yang.

Spring Equinox Egg as symbol Christian mysticism

Spring Equinox Egg as symbol Christian mysticism

Materialized on Earth, various enlightened architects, priests, and artists have built our Churches, Mosques, Jewish Temples, replicating the structure of the Cosmos. The round upper dome, represents the starry heavens, while going back in time, the “Heavens” literally entered into the Temples.

Mystical learning from Pantheon in Rome

The name "Pantheon" is from the Ancient Greek "Pantheion" (Πάνθειον) meaning Pan or "to all the gods": (pan- / "παν-" meaning "all" + theion / "θεῖον"= sacred to a god). Completed by the emperor (h)adrian about 126 AC. Hadrian's parents died in 86, when he was ten years old. His enthusiasm for Greek literature and culture earned him the nickname Graeculus ("Greekling"). Since the 7th century, the Pantheon has been used as a church known as "Santa Maria Rotonda" and in 2013 it was visited by over 6 million people.

Pantheon Hadrian 124 AD Rome Ancient Italy

Ancient Temple of Pantheon, 126 AC, dedicated to all Gods, in Rome, with its open round upper dome

At the center of the shrine leading down to the tomb / underworld / we find the subterranean crypts. Within the earth, or temples, we get the ceremonial lodges with their Priests finding divine inspiration in entering the “earth womb”.

Within the Beehive tomb in Mycenae, Greece, 1,185 BC, bodies were placed in a fetal position, returning to the cosmic womb.

Some thousands of years earlier in Malta we find Hypogeum, 11 meters under the ground carved in stone underground temple, that resonates perfectly on male voices, check 111Hz.

Gregorian Chant:

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