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The confusion of tongues (confusio linguarum)

Confusion of Sounds and Babylon

by Natasa Pantović

Freely recording / researching our religious practices and comparing our mystical experiences is a very new experience...

As a researcher you must admit that the Humanity's drive for Goodness is still perfectly manipulated by Far-Right or Far-Left Political structures that wish to sell arms or steal our Oil or have other “billionaire’s interests” at H-eart. Now, allow me to tell you why...

The God Vibration

Baal 1400 BC Ancient Ugarit Phoenician coast Louvre

Baal 1400 BC Ancient Ugarit Phoenician coast Louvre

The mystical and magical Tower of Babel, was the cause of the early separation of mankind and their division into nations. It hasn't happened at the Babel Towel, yet the dispersion of the Alphabet, education, and the lady science in all its forms, indeed got disrupted around this period, so that the secret of writing stays with the ones in Power: at that time Kings and Priests.

Today, we are increasingly experiencing various levels of , if whilst studying Cosmos, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, we incorporate both Eastern and Western Philosophy within our research, especially if we learned to use the of ancient sources (mythology, symbolism, legends, sound). The disturbing causes were early at work to dissolve this two-fold union of the human family, the community of researchers, the ones who follow Logos.

Bilingual inscription (Greek and Aramaic) by Ashoka, third century BCE at Kandahar, Afghanistan

Bilingual inscription (Greek and Aramaic) by Ashoka, third century BC at Kandahar, Afghanistan

To fully understand this story, coming from the golden age of Egyptians, and the knowledge exchange of the Hellena (name for Ancient Greece) with Phoenician Kingdoms, just imagine, the Ethiopian scientists, Greek Philosophers, Syrian Teachers, all experiencing their first ever scientific age. Now, at this time we find an archaic Italian language known to Romans as "Etruscan" designed specifically to confuse previous scientific efforts to enhance the scientific knowledge of the men-kind, hiding H as the sacred sound.

This new writing system has corrupted the ancient Arabic script and introduced the extra sensitivity around Alla-H as the true name of God . The modern scholars, such as John Bryan Perkins, are rightfully skeptical about the uses of ancient sources as evidence to support any political or business argument, for generally they harbor an agendas and bring back a "hostile tradition, of rivals and enemies; the Greeks and Romans".

What Etruscans sound like:

The sacred “H” held a deeper mystery beyond the question of the use of the consonants, vowels, grammar, syllables, accentuation, it gave the whole area the perfect ground for manipulation. If you are a conscious researcher you will consider the full truth about the region and try to understand why and how people can get so sensitive about such a trivial matter – do you or not use the “H”

To understand why is the “H” sentiment so very easy to manipulate we go back to Malta that has been given to the Knights 1530–1798. Back in time, according to a report compiled in 1241 by Gililberto Abbate, for the royal governor of Frederick II of Sicily, the islands of Malta had 836 Muslim families, 250 Christian families and 33 Jewish families. The tiny Malta actually does represent the dynamics of this area – South Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, for the times do reflect the sentiments of the various rulers and their decisions concerning this region.

Within his article entitled: The Bible’s irrelevance in Malta at the time of the Knights, Giovanni Bonello tells us that the detailed record of 1575 does not inventory even one single copy of the Bible, in Latin or in translation, in any church in Malta... Grand Master Jean de Valette waged a focused war and “did everything in his power to stem the dissemination of “forbidden” books, now including the Protestant Bible, because the war against Lutherans has begun... .”

Kari Gibson suggests that language is inextricably linked to national and cultural identity of the speaker, and as a "powerful symbol of national and ethnic identity" determines an individual's perception of their environment. This connects me, as a Serb, or Macedonians, or Bulgarians, or Cyprus, to the ancient Greek Civilization that has fought for democracy that early on, or to the Phoenicians and their scientific progress, or to Egyptian Gypsies with their wish to share spiritual symbols, rituals and music with us all or to Babylonian Kingdom that believed in sports, and arts & music as tools of Logos or to the ancient Slavs who kept the mystical Christian teachings within the Greek Orthodox Christianity, for we are now able to follow the similarity woven between the ancient Greeks and ancient Slavic language framework using the same way of narrating stories...

Whenever selling ‘forbidden’ substances to our kids our “Manipulative” forces have used the sacred “H” within Alco{h}ol, Mari{H}uana, Du{H}an = nicotine, so that people within the area unconsciously connect with the health / divine / God’s given quality of the sound of the ancient Chinese and Hindu SH or Greek X for Xristos. So that Rastas from Ethiopia will give their mental or emotional power to Mari(h)uana, forgetting the main message of their story, and Alco{h}ol will drown the sorrow of the Aboriginals or Native Americans taking their troubles away from their dark reality. Du{H}an - nicotine is readily accepted even though it is no longer used by S{h}amans within the rituals but abused by “billionaire” businesses {H}appy to s{H}are the Ra Happiness - {H}appiness of S{H}ine, S{H}iva, S{H}akti, {H}rist.

Today we find ourselves walking through a spiral of spiritual growth and while ascending this spiral we must be truthful to the full truth of our ancient civilizations.

Only by {H}onestly compre{h}ending the T{H}rut{H} we can learn from the {H}istory and {H}ope not to repeat the same mistakes. Both the far-left political structures of the East and the far-right of the West, the ones that are happy to be selling drugs, alcohol, or guns to the area, would not budge to induce a violent behavior related to the sentiment of hiding the sacred “H”. Hitler fully abused the H sentiment, manipulating masses with such a powerful name, using even the Ancient Symbol to support his “Chosen People” claim, and when he wished to prove that Jews were against any scientific progress.


Etruscan pendant with swastika symbols Bolsena Italy 700 BC

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