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How to chant mantras

Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting: gayatri mantra  Gayatri Mantra
Meditation and Music: Sufi Dancing Sufi Dancing

Metaphysics of sound and True Name of God

Om Mani Padme Hum

Mantra Chants as a most amazing form of


How to Chant Powerful Mantras, We Love Mantras

How to chant mantras? How to use mantra chanting as a spiritual tool? How to meditate while chanting mantras?For further inspiration check our choice of mantras and live performances from all over the world

We are here to inspire your spiritual devleopment check:

Chanting Mantras Book

Chanting mantras ancient worlds mysticism and sound

Learn about spiritual meaning of mantras

Chanting mantras, praise worship songs, bhakti songs, hindi devotional songs, are all the ways to praise and worship the Divine. Powerful mantras, maha mantra, and devotional songs, from all over the world, all have the same goal: increasing Love within our hearts and on Earth. The Guide to Chanting Mantras with Best Chords is the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Book 6. The book is a collection of the best mantras from all around the world, with chords, mantras spiritual meanings, and the ways to meditate while chanting mantras.

Some inspiring Mantras

Chanting: He Maha Lakshmi

Performed by David Newman

He Maha Lakshmi
He Saraswati
He Mata Kali
Jagatambe Jai Jai Ma
Jagatambe Jai Jai Ma

He Ma Durga
He Ma Durga
He Ma Durga
Jagtambe Jai Jai Ma

Jai Ma Jai Ma Jai Ma Jai Ma

Chanting: Krishna Das: Jai Jai Hanuman

I bow, I bow again and again to Anjani's son, Hanuman
Jaya Seeyaa Raama, Jai Jai Hanumaan

Chanting: Hey Hey Govinda with Kavita

Hey Hey Gopala

Hey Vasudeva Nityananada

Jey Rade Rade Rade

Rade Rade Rade Shyam

Chanting: Devakinandana Gopala

performed by: Dave Stringer

 Chanting: The Mayapuris the Kirtan experience

Chanting with Kevin James Carroll, Earth my body

Love Mantras

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