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AoL European Mindfulness

Online Life Coaching

AoL Self-Development Courses Program

12 Modules to Deeply Understand Your Soul 
by Natasa Pantovic

AoL Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting: 12 Weeks full of Consciousness Reserch using 100s of Personal Development Transformation Tools

Why European Mindfulness 

In European Mindfulness process we are connecting our individual stories with collective story bringing to our senses this model of collaboration in which we all have equal voice, even goals.

According to Greek creation myths Chaos (Greek: χάος, khaos) is the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. This disorder is beginning of creation, place to search for inspiration.

In modern world Chaos is a gap in creativity, disharmony between science and art, rational and irrational, the world of reason and the world of emotions, the gap we are trying to bridge, to unite by our organization.

Why European Mindfulness?

Variety of religious and spiritual movements, such as Yoga, or the New Thought use “mindfulness” for spiritual growth and development. Such an ancient concept in Europe, an innate quality known in Ancient Greece as “Pure Reason” or with Egyptians as “heart-mind” or “Intelligence of the Heart” going back to Ancient Egyptian Babylon’s philosophy, or Ancient Greek Plato’s Soul’s Eye that is purified “for it is by it alone that we contemplate the truth.”, the naming of God’s idea of Pythagoras Music of the Spheres., the mystical practices of Balkan’s Slavs, or Ancient Maltese or Cyprus, or Olimp temple worshipping rituals. In her NET TV Interview Nataša Pantović explains how from the point of view of psychology, meditation, art and music induce altered states of consciousness.

The course material is available for immediate download as a pdf file. 

So what’s inside Alchemy of Love Courses:  and Mindful Being?

Art of 4 Elements by Nataša Pantović Divine Flow

Module 1: Your Body

  • Discover more about yourself and your own physical world examining your relationship towards your body, its nutrition and exercise.
  • Create a Dreamed Healthy Weekly Menu & Exercise Regime

Online self development course bell  Your Attitude Towards Body

Tools that we are using: Commitment Contract, Happiness Test  Observation Exercise, Personality QuestionnairesDream Healthy MenuConscious Jog

To hear Module 1 AoK Videos and Audios

Module 2: Your Home

  • Your home is an extension of your Being.  Your home is a reflection of your state of mind.
  • Implement easy Feng Shui Tips for a healthier and happier surrounding. 

Online self development course universe Your Home

The tools that we will be using are: Personality Questionnaires, Feng ShuiConscious Use of Colours

Module 3: Your Thinking Patterns

  • Learn how to make use of the power of your conscious and unconscious mind.  Look into your conscious and sub-conscious addictions, identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Train your Willpower, Understand your Thoughts, Transform your Anger

Online self development course buddhas tantra Your Thinking Patterns

Transformation tools used within this module work with the Power of Conscious and Subconscious Mind   with Willpower Training      Circle of Activities    Your Mandala    Meditation What is Meditation?  Transforming Your Thoughts Attack    Transforming Your Anger

Module 4: Time Wasters

  • Often we waste time unconsciously and we need to apply a conscious effort to record this time and activities, so that we become aware of the wasters of our life

Online self development course iceberg Your Time / Life Wasters

Trannsformation tools used are Persoanlity Questionnaires,   Master Your Daily Habits Exercises

Module 5: Free Your Mind

  • Train Mindfulness, Understand Beauty, Work with Emptiness
  • We will help you examine your world of feelings and emotions.  Understand and Protect your Feelings, Exercise Awareness, Practice Virtues

Be Mindful Start Your Soul’s Diary     Learn Meditation as the simplest, and easiest way to access mental and spiritual energies and improve your physical well-being and health… Practice Virtues

Alchemy of love courses quote about core beliefs by Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Module 6: Your Core Beliefs

  • Your enemy within are your core negative beliefs.  Negative beliefs hide from the consciousness and they get exposed by the magic of mindfulness and awareness.

Explore Your Core Beliefs, Challenge Existing BeliefsStart Your Dreams Diary and work on other Mindfulness Exercises.

Module 7: Relationships

  • We will help you examine your relationships, your ability to love and tune into your-own and other people’s wants and needs

Explore your relationships patterns, introduce changes, explore the Meaning of True LoveDesign Your Relationship Plan.

Module 8: Your Greater Surroundings

  • We live in our Greater Surrounding. Our capability for love grows and expands into our surroundings – Earth, animals, plants, our neighbours, strangers…  

Explore Service as Virtue, Explore Activities that contect you with Mother Earth, animals and other being on Earth.

Module 9: Your True Dreams

  • Turn away from your dream and it will come back to you. Follow your dream and it will give you a tremendous amount of pleasure and learning.

Discover Your True Dreams, write Your Soul's Diary

Module 10: Your True Goals

  • Identify your True Goals and Actions to achieve them… Listen to your Heart and follow your Mind!
  • What are Your True Goals, What is your Perfect Life Scenario, Design Your Personal Development Plan

Module 11: Spirituality

  • We examine Spirituality and Spiritual Development across the ages.  What is KarmaWhat is AlchemyWhat is Yoga?

What is Spiritual Diary?  Create Your Spiritual Diary 

Module 12: Spirituality and You

  •  We examine Spirituality and Spiritual Development that interest you.

 Divine FocusList of Recommended Books, Live Alchemy of Love

Mindful Being, Conscious Parenting, Mindful Eating books printed


The Course Videos and PresentationsAlchemy of Love Courses Video Journey

To download Mindfulness Training Content Pdf

To view the content, main principles and 1st Module of our Self-Development Course, all the exercises, tasks, and course material are now available 

Free for You to Download

who-am-i_AoL Series of Books by Natasa Pantovic with novels Ama Tree of Life and Conscious Creativity Conscious Parenting Course Mindful Being Course

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