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Personality Questionnaire: Your Thinking Patterns

Taking a commitment to grow, work on Self, Spiritually Develop, we take responsibility for our lives.

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Take a piece of paper and write down the areas that might need improvement within your thinking process.

Brainstorm and Be specific...

For example:

  • I never start a project because of the risk of failure
  • I do not stand up for myself.
  • I do not always express my true feelings.
  • I am constantly angry at my children / partner / parents
  • I constantly argue with my friends, family, at work
  • I am quite pessimistic

Understanding our conscious and sub-conscious patterns, and the ways of thinking will help us learn about ourself and develop patterns that are empowering, so that we can express and experience our highest potential.

Write the main challenges that stop you from perfecting your:

  • and that create ‘noise’ when you listen to your
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Start with small steps: drink good quality waterimprove your sleep, walk to the grosser, meditate when putting your baby to sleep, switch off TV at breakfast…

To Download our 1st Module of the Course go to:

Alchemy of Love Self Development pdf

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