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Learning from the Egyptian Rosetta Stone and Christian Orthodox Icons

Researching Ancient Egypt Rosetta Stone and Slavic Cyrilic 

Symbols and Signs Research by Nataša Pantović

Going back to the Egyptian civilization, the ruler of the Mediterranean Kingdom pre 0 BC, researchers are often stunned by their knowledge of stars, their deep comprehension of sounds, frequencies, of stones,


Worshiping Sha, Ancient Egyptian and Slavic Mystical Knowledge of the first alphabets

Knowing all to be a vibration, while paying the deepest respect to sounds of each and every sacred letter, we find 22 consonants, in use 4,000 years ago. We also know that the ancient writing systems, I.e. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu Sindhi together with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean were right-to-left scripts.


The First Aphabete letters chart arabic hebrew greek

Learning from Rosetta Stone about How Sh was replaced by M and W

The Ancient Egypt symbol of the supreme God was a spiral often represented as a snake.

snake and Shiva ancient symbol Goddess Mantras

The supreme Mother was SHa manifested as sounds and symbols of C that in its highest manifestation becomes Ch, D or Dj in its highest manifestation, S that becomes Sh, or S that becomes Z, or Ž  /Zh,

The very same sounds were once chosen by Slavs to express their concepts of Supreme Female Gods, Soul, or Life itself - DuŠa, ĐaVo, DŽuNGLa, BoG, "oČe NaŠ", Život, Žena


Rosetta Stone from Egypt, London Museum, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics of Supreme God's Name - using sounds Dj, Ch, Sh

LeCHiaN Civilization within the Slavic Myth

According to the Slavic mythology, Slavs are an ancient people and have inhabited Central - Eastern Europe for many thousands of years. Contemporary scholars are rather inclined toward saying that Slavs arrived to Europe in the fifth or sixth century AC, from their original eastern abodes. This historical fact, this date of the Slavic migration, has been scientifically approved by our wise researchers and has been changing rapidly during the last twenty or thirty years.

As a Slav, within our generation, the ones who speak more than one language, we have witnessed the errors in the names assigned to individual Eurasian people, tribes, places, kings, that have undermined the historical value of the civilizations that has ruled our little planet during the pre-Christian era. Just to give you an idea of how precise our legal documents of the time were, a nomenclature used during the Roman Empire, refers to all the tribes east of the Rhine as: Germans.

The Lechian (LČN) empire, was the name of this ancient civilization, and has been mentioned in the Old Testament. The spiritual center of its Christian worlds was the Danube region, parts of Balkan, where spiritual teaching stayed within the symbolism, music and sounds of the Orthodox Christian Kingdom with its centre in Constantinople that was destroyed during the horrors of the 10ht century drive for Power by the Pope's soldiers following a bloody crusade.

Serbian or Macedonia Cyrilic Alphabet

Serbian or Macedonia Cyrilic one of the first Alphabet 

12th Century Mystical Orthodox Christianity and Learning from Icons about Sacret SH

While visiting Greece this summer, just before my trip to Serbia, I entered a Greek orthodox church in Macedonian Vollos, just under the Olympus, where Gods gather to observe the human race.

Facing an oldest surviving Christian art form, icons, mystically spoke to me in tears about signs, symbols, letters and the total perfection of each and every image in front of me.

Hilandar ISus Hrist Icon

Hilandar ISus Hrist 13th Century Icon

When in Ethiopia helping Sister Ludgarda within her 150 kids orphanage, wondering the streets of Addis, I've learned that Constantine the Great (272-337 AC) born in Nish (today's Serbia) was not the first King to introduce Christianity to his Empire, Constantinople, later Istanbul. Ethiopians have done it just a few years before him leaving the historians and two countries to fight for the right to be called First to this very day.

The earliest found gospels of John, found in Egypt, date back to this time.

Sveti Jovan Pretecha 14th century Hilandar Museum

Sveti Jovan PreteCHa 14th century Hilandar Museum

In an ancient monastery in Northern Ethiopia archaeologists have discovered Biblical scripts carbon dated in Oxford to be around 400 AD. A Syrian monk apparently settled in Ethiopia in the year 494 bringing the scripts with him. The texts were written in Geez, the ancient language predating Ethiopia’s Amharic.

Ethiopia alfabet chart with ancient greek amaric latin hebrew

Ethiopia alfabet chart with ancient greek amaric latin hebrew

One of the official languages of the region was Ancient Greek for it was in Athens that we had a school and the tradition of writing manuscripts. The Egyptian was at the time written in two scripts – using symbols and using script. The sounds and the writing were considered sacred, and as such reserved for Kings.

The Worship of SHa and Ka (knowledge, book, kotba, knjiga)

The orthodox icons narrated a very challenging story of the educated enlightened priests from around our little planet fighting the Ruling classes, trying to preserve the written word, the alphabet, placing it on Altars, within the sacred images of Saints and Archangels, giving the knowledge to the commoners for 100s of years. Each and every icon on the church walls talks about saints with books spreading the knowledge to the illiterate. The saints and archangels names were hiding the secret of sacred sounds within the Orthodox esoteric spiritual practices. Jesus's head is surrounded by 3 letters / sounds, SH (that is writen W) at the top of the head that is becoming N and Y. aMiN, aMeN, is a mystical blessing Jesus uses in the first oldest found Gospel of John, check -

Mystical Christianity Alpha and Omega

writen in Ancient Greek found in Egypt. Very likely one of the first translation from Old Geeze where SH was hidden and replaced by M that as a symbol became a W of the Western Worlds.

sveti Luka 12th century Hilandar Museum

St Luka 12th century Hilandar Museum

Neolithic Europe and Ancient Alphabets

Old Greek Root form Meaning Deriving from Slavic
ἄβυσσος ábussos abyss a (negation) + Bu (light in Chinese) Bu-dan = Awake
ἅγιος ἁγιο- holy A-Yi (from Ya-Ho-Wa) Sveti
θ used to represent Theos        
ἀθλητής athlētḗs athlete Ἀ θ λητ- Atleta
αἰσθητικός aisthētikós αἰσθη- S + θ + Ko Astetika
ἀμφιθέατρον amphithéatron theatre God's Hall Amfitiatar
ἄνθος ánthos Flower Towards θ CveT
ἀντιτίθημι antitíthēmi ἀντιθ- Anti Theo bez božno
ἀριθμός arithmós A-R-θ-M = θ between Ra and Ma = numbers   BroJevi
αὐθεντικός αὐθεντικ- Au + Theos + T + K (ka, booK, kodba)   Original (R + G + L)

H = Sound of God, hidden from sacred scripts by Priests as the Name of God not to be altered in vein. Becoming ScH, SH, CH, PH   Š Đ Ž all representing a Female aspect of the Divine Name, have disappeared from many European languages but have stayed with Slavs in the region (Ancient Europe)

hem-   blood    
ἁπλόος haplóos ἁπλο- single Jedini (Ye-Dini)
ἁρμονία harmonía Ha+Ra+Ma+Ya (Supreme God + trinity)   harmonija
ἀρχαῖος arkhaîos ARK + Ha ancient arheolog
ἀρχή arkhḗ ARK + He chief, authority, archbishop  
ἀρχιτέκτων arkhitéktōn ARK + Hi + TKT chief builder architect
ἁψίς hapsís   arch STUB
ἕλιξ hélix ἑλικ- spiral  
ἑπτά heptá ἑπτα- seven Se-DaM
ἥλιος hḗlios helium, heliotropic, heliocentric sun / sun-god  SuNCe
θεός theós θεο-    
  god words with theo-    BoG or BoŽaNSKo
-thermy, -thermia hot words with thermo-    
θησαυρός thēsaurós θησ- treasure  Bog-atstvo = θ + T (for terra) + V (vo = djavo)
ἴδιος ídios ἰδι- one’s own, private  
ἱερός hierós ἱερο- sacred  
ἵππος híppos ἱππο- horse  
ἰχθύς ikhthús ἰχθυ- fish  RiBa
K Akadēmía the school where Plato taught Ka – knowledge De – Dio  
Ἀκαδημία acoustic- Ἀ + κο (knowledge) σ (sound) τικ acoustics  ZVuK
K + R ákron acrobat KaReDŽouS  (h)RaBaR
  anḗr towards R God man (male human) ČoVeK
ἀνήρ áneimi towards M Goddess to go up uZDiGni
  ántron Terra Re Nirvana cave Pe-Či-Na
  áxios a+xi (treasure) worthy  
ἄξιος Aó-ristos similar to Hristos indefinite aoristic, aorist
  Árēs Ra Mars  
  áristos similar to Hristos aristocracy  
  Átlas ἀτλα- name of a Titan Atlantic
Ἄτλας átomos ἀτομ- un + cut atom
  autárkeia autarky self-sufficiency  
αὐτάρκεια auxánō αὐξ- to increase  
αὐξάνω autós αὐ+Tο self autonomija
Β bárbaros The one who worships B (Bog-a) stranger, non-Greek Stranac
βάρβαρος bíos βιο- life ŽivoT
Γ gaîa Ga + Ya sound frequency of Gods earth ZemLja
γαῖα gámos Ga + Ma (Male + Female) marriage VenČaNje
γάμος gunḗ   woman ŽeNa
Δ dêmos district, its inhabitants, commoners democracy, demographic  
δῆμος dóxa glory, opinion   Pravoslavno
δόξα drâsis   action drama, G-lu-Ma

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Sacred Script of Neolithic Europe and Ancient China

Learning from Ancient Chinese Symbols, Sound Frequencies, Ancient Greek and Phoenician Alphabet

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