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about Soul and Sounds from Female Shamans of Ancient Greece

Ancient Egypt Sound Č (of Grčka or Greece, mačka or cat, China, or Chill, or Tao Te Ching) Frequencies

Symbols and Signs Research by Nataša Pantović

Researching Ancient Egyptian 3 scripts (hieroglyphs, the sound based Egyptian, and Ancient Greek) in Rosetta Stone

Took me ages but couldn't resist, going through the sounds, images, symbols, one by one, comparing three ancient scripts of the most amazing Rosetta Stone!!!

The Rosetta Stone basalt slab from Fort Saint-Julien Egypt 196 BCE in the British Museum London

The Rosetta Stone Basalt Slab from Egypt 196 BC in the British Museum, London, UK

Seeing the Rossetta Stone online, I went into the exploration of the sound Č, the most amazing hidden H, of our beloved sacred / secret Ya-Ho-Wa story The God Vibration.

A starting point for understanding our ancestors ancient is that according to our sages, the Human (Čovek in Slavic) is the meeting place of Heaven and Earth, for many represented as the number 10, symbolically depicted as the cross, and during the journey to the enlightenment going back towards God, or Theos...

On this journey of Tao sent forth by Chi as the three folded manifestation of frequencies through the methaphysics of sounds. The Tao of Logos was lost within the Mystery of Babylon Tower for some of the generations, yet for the researchers who wish to demistify the magic and explore esotheric teachings, here we go again...

Going back many thousands of years, we find that some of our wise ancesors mastered the magic of sound and its frequencies, creating extra-ordinary using the sacred symbols, expressing cosmic, universal, conscious and subconsciousness concepts of and giving us a possibility to learn the philosophy of their time.

Ancient Egypt, you must have guessed, at the centre of Mediterranean, where some wise sages believed that our souls pulsate with the rhythm of magic - HK was the name given to this magic = H as the frequency of Supreme God that expresses IT-SelF through every single individual soul or Ka. Ka / Ba, our soul, they believed has many parts. One of them is the physical body, the spiritual body, the name identity, the personality, the double, the heart, the shadow, the power, and the ꜣḫ finally, that is the symbol used for the soul of the dead once it has completed the transition through the afterlife. How deep and complex the Theology of our ancients was, and how much we can all learn, exploring its secrets. 

H aDaM and the Magic of Sound

Just about the same time, within Genesis or Old Testament, better known as the Old Bible we find the creation myth written as:

H aDaM

Following sacred H through the esoteric studies of our priests, and sacred books, reading it as the Sound of God, we get a beautiful undistorted translation of this phrase to be:

H has created D and M

H (as the name of God) creates:

D as the Male principle, the YanG of consciousness manifestation, creating sounds of D, TH, G, B or R (Dio, Theo, Bog, Beauty, Ben as Chinese for White, Brahma, God, or Ra) and

M as the Female, left, Yin manifestation of the Life force. M that is the first element, water, with the moon as its symbol, M that is MLKVTH, the first on Earth or the last in Heaven, the 10th Sphere of the Tree of Life, symbolically presented as the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt.

The Bible uses the word אָדָם (aDaM) in all of its senses: collectively as the mankind, (Genesis 1:27), gender non-specific as "man and woman" together as in Genesis 5:1-2, as for a male or in the collective sense, and the interplay between the individual "Adam" and the collective "humankind", After the creation, the context of sex is absent; the gender distinction of "adam" is reinforced later when defining "male and female".

To our ancestors FiSH would have been a sacred animal given by Gods to all of the nations, so within various languages we find: RiBa (in Slavic), PeZ in Spanish, HuT in Arabic, all expressing the Gift from GoD. Our ancestors saw ReD as the sacred female colour so we got CRVeN (in Slavic), HoNG in Chinese, HaMRA in Arabic. 

Within many different traditions, we hear our priests narrating the same story. We find the same symbols combined within the Ancient Chinese MinG that is the merge of Ri for Sun and Yue for Moon, meaning = Bright, or in the Ancient Egyptian creation myth within AmoN Ra.

Rosetta Stone Exploration

Ancient Egyptian script 2600 BC

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When the Rosetta Stone was found archaeologists and linguists made a huge progress in understanding Ancient Egyptian writing.

Written in three scripts this most amazing stone, that is now in the British Museum, was found in Egypt and to the amazement of all was carved when Macedonian Kings ruled with Egyptian Queens the land of Ancient Egypt.

The first script, you guess, was hieroglyphic which was the script used for important or religious documents. Ptolemaic Neo-Middle Egyptian hieroglyphic script, to be precise, if you wish to deepen you research. That is the top the stone. The second part of the stone is in demotic which is a script used at that time in Egypt. The third is in Koine Greek so that the priests, scientists and government officials of Egypt could read what it said.

Meditating on the language of our ancestors, we now know that the Rosetta Stone was carved in 196 BC.

Reading the demotic script, our oldest recorded script of the Golden rulers of the Mediterranean region, we read the name of Divine to be -

nTr pronounced as NČR

nTr = translated as ΦΘΑ or ΘΕΟΣ or ΘΕΟΥ or ΘΕΟΥΣ as GoD or BRaMa or AmonRa or LoGoS = read as nČr or when writen as nDr pronounced as nĐr

Ancient Egyptian Supreme God nHr or nTr or nDr symbolically represented as X, Č, Š, a spiral, a snake, a Kundalini moving wheel, and the Supreme God


Ancient Egyptian name of the Supreme God written as nHr or nTr or nDr symbolically represented as X, Š, Č or China, or a Taoist Chi, a spiral, a snake, a Kundalini moving wheel, the Supreme God

A Soul and ITs Mystical Journey

The sacred secret Y has manifested as one of the 3 within the trinity of sounds (Ya-Ho-Wa). Ya moved in its journey carrying male sounds, in Ancient China taking on the form of G (YanG) and in Ancient Egypt becoming a variety of sounds, R, D, B, G. D carried “da” as the concept of greatness in Chinese, or “tu” as earth, and within the Theosophy of Ancient Europe at the time, D as Pythagoras Do leading the music scale of sounds.

The sacred secret W manifested as the sacred M or N, K or L, P or Ph or as SH of death, or Č for čakra, or Čovek in Slavic, Č that has represented the snake, or Đ of đavo, or Ž of ŽiVoT (LiFe) or the spiral or the Kundalini Force of Ancient Egypt. With the same vibration as Night, Meditation, MiNoS, Mum, Nirvana, Death, Underworld, Subconsciousness, it is the YiN of creation. The eye of Horus HeR-self, all the Goddesses of Neollithic Europe, our subconsciousness or Karma, looking at us, always with the Goddess Isis's manifestation of consciousness, as M of the Ancient Chinese, that is the eYe, the KaRMa, the MaTRiX, but also a tree, or a horse, or Ren (MaN in Chinese) duplicated, looking itself in the mirror, as Man and Woman combined, within the two ancient Chinese symbols Nu+Ren = M.

Our ancestors were supreme masters in sound frequency, when they gave us symbols, or sounds, they did it for they had a complete science / theology within their mysticism and magic, in mind. Treat them as the most educated researchers of the Humanity History (the PhD holders, at the moment only 1% of our total population, those days perhaps 0.001%) who were trying to pass their knowledge to us. The Ancient Egyptian PhD holders, at the time when this research came from Ancient China, or Tibet, or India, speak of the sounds that is used to change the energy from one to the other, so they call Gods; H or D or T pronouncing them as TH, or Đ, or Č, allowing the soul to take the quality of the sound of Gods. For example the sounds R or B carry within its sound Ra, BoDy or BuDHa, Dio, the enlightened one. Bu in Chinese meaning towards the divine, Bu taking the sound of the name for the Soul in Ancient Egypt, or the number eight in China, infinity, meaning also a prophet, or a HuMan Being that strieves to become a God, a God in making, symbolically represented as the cross + Yi (that is one) - + I (descending form heaven) to form a human soul that is blessed by the Divine Spirit.

Gods and Human in Making

For thousands of years this sacred script was used to record the history of the pharaohs, pass the mythology or history or help the dying to cast spells that help them in their after-life journey.

The ancient Egyptians did not use vowels when they recorded information in writing. Phoenicians (Arabic script) also do not use vowels. With secret and sacred Ya-Ho-Wa we get the manifestation of 20 sounds and their frequencies.

Sacred H, eternal Tao manifested as the trinity of sounds that is symbolically represented as a Snake or a Spiral

The sacred H from Ya-Ho-Wa, or as a sound that progresses in its journey towards enlightenment from Xs to Č to Đ and Š and Ž, depending of the Spiritual Path and its esotheric or exotheric nature, a Female or Male led mystical journey of a Soul towards a Spirit.

nČr and sHm = ŠM

nČr.w + sHm.t.w Goddesses - .t for a female, + W as sound of YHW trinity, taking the female form – sound - energies.

pA-tA-nA-sHm.t.w Women's Land (Amazonen)

wab-sHm.t Priestess


We also get SHm carrying Shaman energy, the energy of the female priests, H that gives S a sacred sound SH + M, we get -


The name of Egypt = tells us the Ancient Egyptian Kings is WSIR, the Land of Osiris (W hidden from the exoteric use by the priests).

Osiris, god of the dead, or “diseased” since the belief was that the body dyes leaving the soul to be re-born, in the after-life, that in his female form takes the name of ISIS. The son of Geb, the Earth deity, and Nut, the sky goddess. His female form, Isis, is the goddess of motherhood, magic, healing, and rebirth.

Following the ancient stories narrated with the sound frequency, given to us, researchers, through the Rosetta Stone, W, we find the supreme Egyptian God incarnated as the other Gods, so we get:

wsir-skr Sokar Osiris or Soko (in Slavic), the falcon God of underworld,

wsir-HP HaPis Osiris, a sacred bull, a primary deity in the pantheon of Ancient Egypt. Also served as an intermediary between living and Gods. Both Greek and Roman mention Apis, the sacred black calf with special markings, and the rejoicings throughout the country when a new Apis was found.

wsir-sbk Osiris Sobek

pr-wsir - a Temple where the Osiris PR was done.

ḥr.w Horus

Hr-ra or Ra-Hr King Horus

Hm(.t)-Hr Wife of Horus

Hr-sA-As.t Horus son of Isis

I got a beautiful one for you - wab.t-tA-pr-aA.t-glwptr = Priestesses of the Queen Kleopatra.

Speaking of HRJ that is Chief or Master in Ancient Egyptian, we get

Hrj-mdj the chief of military

Hrj-tA the master of Terra

Hrj-rmT Head of Humans (note: R+M on Terra)

Hrj-Hs Head of Singing (to God H)

Hrj-Hrj.w the CEO

sX-rA History Writer




Ancient Egypt The Shabaka Stone

Ancient Egypt Shabaka Stone The British Museum

Originally erected as a lasting monument at the Great Temple of Ptah in Memphis, the first Egyptian royal city, built in the 800 BC, this sacred stone was taken to Alexandria, and from there, it was taken to England. The text tells us all about the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. Ptah works through Horus to accomplish this unification. The other is a creation story, the Memphite Theology, that establishes Ptah as the creator of all things, including gods. The inscription also states that this town was the burial-place of Osiris. The second line, claims that the stone is a copy of the surviving contents of a decaying papyrus found by the pharaoh Shabaka as he was inspecting the Great Temple of Ptah. Lines 3 to 47 describe the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under the god Horus at Memphis.

Sokar-Osiris from Papyrus of Ani Ancient Egypt falcon god in Egyptian religion linked to Ptah and Osiris in the underworld

Sokar-Osiris from Papyrus of Ani Ancient Egypt falcon god in Egyptian religion linked to Ptah and Osiris in the underworld

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