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Neolithic Wisdom Symbols and Sound Frequences of Balkan Barberians 6,000 BC

Neolithic European , and Sound Frequences found in 21 Sounds within our Languages

Symbols and Signs Research by Nataša Pantović

Around one hundred years ago, at the Nuzi site of northern Babylon, an egged shaped envelope with forty nine pebbles inscribed with Cuneiform inscription describing the herd of goats and lambs, was found. We now only have the record of the archaeologist Schmandt-Bessart describing the excavation published in 1992. It wasn't until much later that the Archaeologists of our little planet have challenged the description of the pebbles and symbols found on the site. In the eighties, identical small clay artefacts were found at Near Eastern Neolithic sites. Archeological Findings of Neolithic Europe,

01 Fragment of a clay vessel with an M-shaped incision Neolithic Europe Vinča Serbia Danube 5,300 BC

Fragment of a clay vessel with an M-shaped incision Neolithic Europe Vinča Serbia Danube 5,300 BC

Wisdom of Symbols of the oldest Neolithic Culture in Vinča, Europe

02 Neolithic Europe coins or ritual objects Ancient Europe 5,500 BC map compiled by Dr Stankovic

Neolithic Europe Objects Ancient Europe 5,500 BC, a Map compiled by Dr Stankovic

"DatDas organizes a catalogue of 5,421 actual signs. These are recorded from a corpus of 1,178 inscriptions composed of two or more signs and 971 inscribed artifacts (some finds have two or more inscriptions).”

21 Stamps dating 5,600 BC discovered in Vinča, Archeological Findings of Neolithic Europe

“Stamps carrying spirals, zigzags, crosses, and dots decorated storage vessels, hearth rims, frying pans and exported pottery.” Younger, 1992.

The Archeological Hacilar Settlement of Neolithic Europe dated to 6,000 BC and the Stamps

03 Neolithic Europe Script 5,500 BC Vinca Civilization of Ancient Europe

Neolithic Europe Script 5,500 BC Vinca Civilization of Ancient Europe

Nea Nikomedia clay seals assemblage consists of almost all the shapes and 10 of 21 ornaments that have circulated in the Balkans in the Early Neolithic period. The archeologists can not as yet decifer the messages passed with these stamps conecting the settlements within a hundreds or even more than a thousand kilometres. The symbols were associated with prestigious locations or items within the sites.

The motifs on Early Neolithic stamps in the Balkans were more heterogeneous. It can be indicative that the Balkan patterns regularly consist of zigzags, spirals, dots and labyrinth patterns.

Some of the "comb" or "brush" symbols, most likely have represented numbers and both Serbian and worldwide archeologists agree that the fact that more than a quarter of the inscriptions are located on the bottom of pots indicate that symbols were primarily numbers, the goods description or the names of the owners of the pots (those days Kings or Rulers), or Gods (Priests). With the Neolithic Europe, within the Mediterranean advanced civilizations, the use of symbols by the Minoans and Sumerians was also used for trade. The Vinča culture appears to have traded its goods widely with other cultures.

Old European Script of Kurgan Culture 5,400 BC

An Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas (1921–1994), has named the neolithic script "Old European Script", and has championed the term "Kurgan culture" an archaeological expression of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. This amazing Old European civilization, has occupied the area from Danube (now Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Macedonia) down to the Mediterranean Sicily Crete line. Gimbutas observed that neolithic European iconography was predominantly female, she called it "matristic" (woman-centred, not necessarily matriarchal) culture that worshipped various gods and goddesses. The scientific research of Winn Shan tells us that Vinča logo-graphics have now been found on an area of Serbia, southeaster Hungary, western Romania, and western Bulgaria.

Female Goddesses of Neolithic Europe - Malta, Serbia, Egyptian record of Travel to the Land of Punt (Sacred Land)

04 Neolithic Europe The Female Figurine 6,500 BC Donja Branjevina Serbia

Female Goddess found on the Neolithic Europe site dated 6,000 BC in Donja Branjevina, Maltese Goddess 3,000BC & Eli Egyptian Fat Queen brought from Journey to the Land of Punt (Egyptian Tomb Painting) 2,700BC

Early Neolithic Balkan. Barberians and Ancient Europe – a journey from 5,000 BC to 2,000 AC

05 spiral distribution of seals stemps Neolithic Europe Serbia 6,000 BC

Spiral distribution of seals stemps Neolithic Europe Serbia 6,000 BC

06 Tartaria tablets unearthed near Tartaria, Romania

Tartaria tablets unearthed near Tartaria, Romania

07 The Archeological Hacilar Settlement of Neolithic Europe dated to 6,000 BC and the Stamps

The Archeological Hacilar Settlement of Neolithic Europe dated to 6,000 BC and the Stamps

Do you sometimes feel that we are still in a middle of a Trade War, that our history, communication and research is sooo deeply subjected to our Kings, Politicians and Billionaires drive to protect their profits against Chinese, Russians, American, Arabs, etc. While travelling around the world as a woman with not a lot of financial resources, exploring various continents of our little planet, I met kindness and respect within human beings that within their-own soul journey strive towards Goodness, Beauty, and God whatever was the name of their God.

During the last 2,000 of years, the essence of the history of the Balkans was the history of slaves and the slave drivers, the history of being subjected to the worst of trades, human trafficking in many of its forms, and the colonial powers profiting from “free soldiers” who defended the borders of Europe from Africa. Giving a proper historical recognition to advanced civilizations of Balkans, pre 0 AC, we, as researchers, wish to understand Humanity's roots clearly, not because we wish to find the new race of Gods nor to instigate Nationalism, but to respect to the wisdom of ancestors. For I am not a German, nor an American but a soul incarnated on this planet to help its inhabitants grow within Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

Symbol of Spiral of Life as the name for Goddess Worship and 111 HZ in Ancient Danube Archeological Site

Acknowledging my nationality as Serbian and Maltese, this research gives me further excitment, for linking Maltese Neolithics with Serbian ones, bring us – Arabs, Ethiopian, Chinese, European, African, one step closer to each other. A delibarate dis-empowerment or distruction of arts, books, historical facts, is painful and when it is done to protect trade or billionaires' businesses, the female within me, the one that has started this move towards knowledge and civilizations 5,000 BC, that passed the commandment – "Do Not Kill", that prefered trade and rituals instead of wars, that moved all of us towards knowledge / writing / script, throught the spiral journey of consciousness development wishes to be recognised.

Until recently I did not know that Constantine the Great (of Constantinople) was from Niš (Serbia), that Aleksandar the Great's mother Hellena was from Serbia, that the teritory of now Serbia was the centre of the Orphic tradition led by Pythagoras, that Macedonians (as Ancient Greeks or Ancient Slavs or Anciant Arabs) were an active and advanced actor, living in the cross-road of the Neolithic European Civilization of the Danube with the Egyption Kingdom.

Check also Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece

For being slaves to the colonial powers, it is easy to see that the empowerment of Barbarians, Babylonians, Neo-Platonic, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Ethiopians, or Ancient Slavs would not improve profits or any ego-Game of major Kings and Rulers of Europe during the last 2,000 years. However, today we enter the mind-chita of the scientists and consciousness researchers or respectable human beings no-matter where we are from, no-matter of our DNA patterns, and within this vibration we stay in owe of Babylon, Ancient Greece, Maltese Temples, Ancient China, Cyprus Civilization, or Serbian Vinča.

Barberians of South East Europe

It was Barberians that worship Bog (a Slavic name for God) and have said Jai to Vo (Bull) within the word DjaVo (devil). It was Barberians that have passed the knowledge of Amorites, Babylon, Pythagoras within the same region.

When very young, my history teacher has told us that Slavs came to the region with a great migration of Slavs that has happened in the 13th Century. In my naivety, I went to search for the Great King's name who got the Slavs into Balkans and found him not in our myths nor legends nor historical records. Today, when I am older, I know that any migration happens through 1,000 of years of family / village migrating one by one, or in small numbers, the way North Africans are migrating to Europe these days. There is no great King that is followed by millions. That exist only when a nation has lost a major war and was exiled, like Jews were exiled by Egyptians, the record of this move of 100,000 people we find in the Bible. Why the tale? So, that we feel as new-comers to the lands that were ours from the beginning of time.

 Natural Migration that has happened in Europe

The migration has shifted the borders of each country or nation, in Europe, up towards the north, yet none can truly say when the migration has really happened. In the 13th century Slavs on the Balkan were so established that they had their own monasteries, schools, Kings, Town-Kingdoms, yet at most of the places they were slaves to the Austro-Hungarian or the Ottoman Empire. My father who is from Montenegro and Mostar (Herzegovina), a most wonderful little town in Bosnia, had an exact profile one will find within a typica ancient Greek sculpture, which of course proves nothing, but it does make one wonder... We, in Serbia, get so deeply hurt if any of the Ancient Greek monuments is damaged, we speak of Greece as of our home-land, loving everything that is Greek. Greece doesn't quite know that we even exist, more that an annoying neighbour that in case of Macedonia wish to claim the Ancient Macedonian name, sharing deep subconscious love with ancient Logos, Philosophy, Athena, etc.

As nomads, most of us have already had a migration journey from one country to another, this knowledge is already within our bloods, or we have married an African Shaman, or like in my case, have adopted kids from Ethiopia, so our souls dance with the rain-bow colors of many different cultural influences. Vibrating the Cosmic spiral rhythm of the Universe, I can only feel deeply sorry for the Humanity's misconceptions about Race Superiority or Chosen Race, that has exploited the South of our planet for far too long.

There are 21 discovered symbols / stamps within Ancient Vinča culture Distributed as a Spiral within its Settlements

Can this be a coincidence? Some millennia later our priests have told us about the 21 + 1 that is silent, that represents God as no-sound, that has trinity of sounds within its make-up (Y+H+W), that could be a vowel. Our ancients have started with 22 Arabic consonants, there are 22 sacred Hebrew letters, through the trade, the Ancient Chinese have passed the numbers 1-10 as sacred symbols, within their philosohical set-up of Taoism as Yin and Yang, a male and female representation of Cosmos, that within forces manifest as 10 symbols x 2 = 20 + 1 that is Tao (Yin and Yang combined) the same as the one found in Egyptian / Phoenician alphabet, or Jewish Kabbalah, that within its wisdom talk about God, creation, divine, Tao, Female and Male consciousness manifestation forces, Kundalini awakening with its journey back to God.

This development of sounds as frequencies within our own languages has already happened some 2,000s of years before Christ. Within my work of mapping Serbian (viewing it as ancient Slavic) to Chinese (no doubt that it kept its ancient wisdom within its symbols) to Arabic (classical Arabic that is spoken in Malta) to Ancient Greek (for Latin goes back only 2 millenniums) to Hebrew, we are knocking at the door of Ancient Sacred Languages and Sounds of Gods. Viewing the languages of all of us, as a Sacred Instrument of God, exploring the mystical knowledge of frequencies, we will totally understand why of the Western languages, English and Spanish are the most spoken on our little planet, one leading to RiCH, HaVe, GooGle, YaHoo, Coco CHaNeL, GuCi, MuSiC StaRS explosions, while understanding the Human Mind that still very much globally subconsciously worship the names of Gods. Stay with me on this journey!

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