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from Ancient Temples Solomon Temple to Greek Parthenon

Mystical Learnings from Ancient Temples

by Nataša Pantović

Walking the path of a spiral ascending, giving our deep respect to ancestors and scientists researches, with the knowledge that even within our history we follow a circle, spinning around the same centers until our souls understand the divine message, observing the ascend and descend of some great Civilizations, we know that our predecessors built Temples worrying greatly if there are to be destroyed.

According to the Bible, the Humanity’s first ever Temple, was the Temple of Solomon, the plans still to be found within the religious manuscripts of Israel, that hid within its deapth a closed door which is to open only to Messiah.

mystical teachings of Solomon Temple sacred circular triangle

Solomon Temple 970 BC

in ancient Jerusalem from the 970 BC to 600 BC built by the King Solomon. The temple was dedicated to Yahweh, and it was the place of the Ark of the Covenant containing the original tablets of the Ten Commandments. No archaeological excavations were ever allowed on the Temple Mount. Solomon was a wise king of Israel who succeeded his father, King David. According to the Tanakh, the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonian Kingdom in 598 BC.

King Solomon and Queen Sheba

queen Sheba four elements within a human face mysticism and art

Queen Sheba Imge, Check also Mysticism and Art

When travelling through Ethiopia, I was reminded of this beautiful story that is fully incorporated within the Ethiopian culture and tradition.

It has all started tells us the Gospels of Matthew (12:42) and Luke (11:31), when the "queen of the South", in Ethiopia well known as Queen Sheba has decided to travel from her home-land Ethiopia to meet this wise and generous King Solomon. The Queen was received with honors, given a Palace and respected while exchanging wisdom with the King. Before she left, there was a great feast in the king's palace so Queen Sheba stayed in the palace overnight. That same night, Solomon had a dream about the birth of the son rising over Israel, moving to shine over Ethiopia and the Byzantine empire. Solomon gave the Queen a ring as a token of faith, and she bore him a son, whom she named Baina-leḥkem, a Son of the Wise Man, later called Menilek, and even today some of the Ethiopian families claim their ancestry from his family. The boy spent his childhood in Ethiopia, and went to Jerusalem carrying his father’s ring, and was received with great honors. Prior to leaving, secretly the expedition took the Ark of the Covenant, and brought it to Ethiopia where apparently it hides even today.

Mapping the wisdom of perfect mathematical harmony, within the Solomon Temple, we are told, all  the measurements were symbolic and referred to sacred numbers. The shape was square or pyramidical, and at the main door we find two columns covered with bronze representing two Trees found in Paradise, Yakin and Boas, representing two contrary yet mutually analogue Tao manifestations, man and woman, idea and form, cause and effect. The circumference at the bottom was 12 cubits, the number of creation and realization, the four directions multiplied by three forces of manifestation (satwa, rajas, tamas).

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Like a pyramid or a sacred triangle the walls of the Temple were built like the Babylon’s main square, larger at the bottom, rising up, with a chapel or a church or a temple at its very top, the same architecture of the Mayan’s temple structures.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon 7 world wonders Encyclopedia Britannica

Hanging Gardens of Babylon one of 7 World Wonders Encyclopedia Britannica

Ivory Pomegranate Solomon Temple 1,200 BC

Ivory pomegranate Solomon Temple 1200 BC Collection Israel Museum Jerusalem Photo by Nahum Slapak

Ivory pomegranate Solomon Temple 1200 BC Collection Israel Museum Jerusalem Photo by Nahum Slapak

At the top of the Temple we find a pomegranate, actually not one but many branches spirally rising to become one. What a divine fruit!

A thumb sized 44 millimeters artifact dated to the 1,300 BC known as „ivory pomegranate“ is the oldest ornamental ritualistic object apparently used by the high priests in the Solomon Temple, now acquired by the Israel Museum and regarded as the most important item of biblical antiquities in the Israel Museum's collection. It is made of hippopotamus bone and bears an inscription: Holy (Sacred) to the Priest of the House of God that was unscripted onto the item a bit later.

Greek Parthenon and Ancient Temples

slopes of the Acropolis Greece Mysticism of Ancient Temples 2500 BC

Slopes of the Acropolis Greece Mysticism of Ancient Temples 2500 BC

The Greek Parthenon is an ancient temple on the Athenian Acropolis, in Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, built in 450 BC, when the Athenian Empire was at its peak. During early 180s Lord Elgin, the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, that was occupying the Christian Greece at the time, removed about half of the Temple and transported it to Britain. The oldest ancient Greek temple is now on display in the British Museum in London, together with the full set of Egyptian mummy’s graves taken from Egypt.

The political ambiance and religious systems of the time let them change hands with no major upheaval or revolution, at the time there were too few scientists or conscious good men to fight for these sacred items to remain in Greece or Egypt. Since the early 1980s, Greek governments have disputed the British Museum legal title to these most precious antique sculptures...

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Acropolis and Ancient History 1-2,000 BC

Now what you probably don’t know is that the great limestone rock were the Neolithic remains discovered on the slopes of the Acropolis Greece, indicating a Temple on the hill from at least 2,800BC. The earliest known Hellenistic structures, the one dedicated to Athen dates back to the 6th century BC, replacing the previous Megalithic Temple Structure, followed by a Christian Church and a Mosque built on the very exact same sacred spot...

Mycenaean* Kings

*Note the similarity of the name to the Macedonians.

The chronicle of the Acropolis of Athens during 1,000 BC - 2,000 BC can only be guessed.

Acropolis in Greek means “the highest place in town”. The first inhabitants of the Acropolis of Athens were Mycenaeans and we find their remains in the 1,400 BC. At the southwest end of the Acropolis, right behind the later Temple of Athena, we find their fortifications. Mycenaean kings built a palace and a worshiping place “where the Archaic temple of Athena was later built, or a little further east on the summit of the hill” (Dontas,, The Acropolis and its Museum). worshiping the Goddess of fertility and nature.

Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Philosophers 400 BC – 200 AC Closer to Truth closer to God s by Nataša Nuit Pantović Treading the path of the development of Human Thought, giving full respe

Megalithic structure at Atlit Yam, Israel Mysticism of Ancient Temples

Megalithic structure at Atlit Yam, Israel, Mysticism of Ancient Temples

Mnajdra Maltese Temple Mystical Teachings of Ancient Temples

Mnajdra Maltese Temple 3,000 BC Mystical Teachings of Ancient Temples

Abusing Humanity’s Goodness nd Ancient Temples Vandalism

There is no deeper enemy to any scientific or creative thinking to the Superstition, so the protection of our Temples became our major hustle all throughout our history.

Protecting a Temple from the destruction, no matter what religion it belongs to, has not yet become our mind-set. Blackmailing another religious group with the destruction of their Temples is still a major war strategy. Do you ever wonder why?

Mnajdra 3,000 BC in Malta was also vandalised

Iin April 2001, during the Good Friday, men with heavy equipment, tracks, and so on, entered the Temple site and destroyed / moved a large number of megaliths drawing crosses in several areas... Even though this was such a largw operation, none was accused of vandalism.

Mnajdra temple 3,000 BC vandalised Mystical teachings of Ancient temples

Mnajdra temple 3,000 BC vandalised Mystical teachings of Ancient temples

Secrets of Malta Ancient Temples by Nataša Pantović

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