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Children of Cain and their Mystical Knowledge

Who are Gypsis and why should we care

by Nataša Pantović

Can Human Nature with its profoundly caring and loving side abandon we vs. they behavior patterns and learn from Genocides of our Past?

Artists, scientists, researchers’ trust in Humanity’s goodness supported Gypsis even when all the others were against them. The weddings had Gypsi bands, poets composed music influenced by their rhythm, writers whispered their myths, love for horses, freedom, magic, we learned fortune telling techniques from their grand-mums, our film-makers like Kusturica won Oskars making films narrating the stories of these Balkan Egyptians, keeping their fame glowing, within our subconscious and limited consciousness mind that knew that the children of Cain do carry an interesting story to tell our s.


Carmen by French Composer Georges Bizet, Paris in 1875, Gypsis and their Mystical Knowledge

Carmen is an opera by French composer Georges Bizet, 1st performed in Paris in 1875. It is one of the most popular internationally acclaimed operas of all times depicting the fiery gypsy Carmen and her lover José who abandons his home, deserts his officer’s duties, yet soon loses Carmen's love. It all ends in a total disaster where he kills all in a jealous rage.

21st Century Spiritual Renaissance

Demystifying Magic When Eastern Aum meets Western Amen

Learning Mystical Wisdom from Gypsis, check also Mysticism or Magic

Crossing the borders from Austria to Serbia travelling to Belgrade by bus, we stopped at a petrol station resting from our long journeys. Stepping outside, with my adopted kids from Ethiopia, I noticed an elegant noble Gypsy man in his 40s wondering at the back of the station. Respecting his poverty and circumstences, this meant, we are now meeting a begger who is here in hope to support his huge family.

Who are Gypsies and Emotional Abuse

A print from 1815 showing the Hindu religious custom of Sati in The British Library

A print from 1815 showing the Hindu religious custom of Sati, The British Library public domain

You must have heard of the Romani ˈroʊməni’, or ciganos, colloquially known as Gypsies, they are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group living mostly in Balkans originating from the northern India. Other endonyms for Romani include, for example: Ashkali or "Balkan Egyptians".  According to the Genetic findings study, published in 2012, a single group has left northwestern India, leaving an Indian state of Rajasthan about 1,500 years ago reaching the Balkans about 900 years ago. There are 1,500,000 Gypsis in Egypt and 10% of the Serbian population is Romani.

The first historical records of "the Egyptians" reaching south Eastern Europe are from the 14th century: in 1322 when an Irish Franciscan monk Symon Semeon has encountered a migrant group of Romani, in Crete, calling them "the descendants of Cain".  Just a brief reminder of who was Cane for all the history, mythology, religious researchers -

In the biblical Book of Genesis, Cain and Abel are the first two sons of Adam and Eve.  Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, but God favored Abel's sacrifice more. Cain murdered Abel, so God has punished Cain to a life of wandering…

Having travelled around the world as a single woman, often without any money, I was fortunate to experience the drive for / Good-ness within Humanity. Mini-universes functioning within each country helped us in educating our children, healing our sick and living together in communities without constantly endangering each other. Since I am a Slav, whose nation was once enslaved, growing-up with Gypsis, who once came from India migrating through Egypt, our subconscious connection understands each other’s growth and sufferings and we collectively disapprove of the injustice and the Genocide that has happened with the Indigenous groups on our little planet.

Gypsy Genocide

We probably all fear this so abused and yet powerful word - genocide - the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group. Following the drive for God, Good-ness, various Humanity’s groups have executed them.

The followers of Cane, Gypsis were expelled from Germany in 1416, Lucerne in 1471, Milan in 1493, France in 1504, Catalonia in 1512, Sweden in 1525, England in 1530 (see Egyptians Act 1530), and Denmark in 1536. In 1510, any Romani found in Switzerland was to be killed, with similar rules established in England in 1554, and Denmark in 1589, and Portugal began deportations of Romanies as slaves to its colonies in 1538. In the Great Gypsy Round-up, Romani were imprisoned by the Spanish Monarchy in 1749. During the first decade of the 18th century, Gypsies were slaughtered in Holland in a so-called ‘heiden’ hunt, a Gypsy-hunt. Finally, during World War II, the Nazis embarked on a systematic genocide of the Romani, called the Porajmos. It was allowed to kill them on sight. In Croatia, for example, that has supported Nazis during the Second World War, in the concentration camp Jasenovac, 25,000 Romas, the entire population living in Croatia was killed.

Sharing a table with a Gypsi man at the petrol station, from the begining of the story, he told me he is 40: ’Usually I work with the farmers in the field cutting corn, or collecting seasonal fruits but there is no field work at the moment, and I have just became a grand-father“. Congratulations, I rejoyeced hearing about his baby-grand-child, knowing that as the head of his family he is the one who has to take care of the grand-children too. We shared some food and I gave him some money ready to continue our journeys to Belgrade. Just while exiting, the petrol station owner approached me, assuring me that they do give him some work and food each day, as though it was me who he ought to report since God has sent me to check on his goodness, that is very thoughtful, I said, thank you for carring.

When in the centre of Belgrade, within a shop selling plumb cakes, I would recommend to all, a gypsy girl aged 7 with her sister aged 5, entered and the Man in charge of the shop has prepared for them some plumb cakes and some water to start the day. In a minute, I told my kids, a „rightcious“ one will come along and impose the law and order within our „happy to share with kids“ circles. In fact, in a matter of minutes, we had a visit of a woman, a passer-by who wished to inform us that the kids beggers are outside – who knows who gave them the right to sit there where all the virtuous customers are!

Gypsis have always had problems integrating. Many Serbian governments had implemented benevolent „integration“ policies, trying to help them clean or survive, removing their „tents“, giving them apartments instead, sometimes in the best of areas of Belgrade, yet as soon as they could, they would sell their properties and go back to live on the top of garbage piles. The obligatory free schooling that Gypsis would at all cost ignore; the radio, journals, TV in their language, was not a lot of success in an attempt to break into their segragated colonies.

European trade companies, and our ever-lasting obsession with Gold

Australian Aborigines Genocide

Aboriginal peoples lived in Australia for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. During the late 1700s it is estimated that there were about 750,000 Aborigines. After the arrival of the Queen, by the 1920s this number reduced to 75,000. The gradual takeover of Aboriginal lands for farms and settlements of her Majesty followers. The introduction of sheep and rabbits devastated their environment, and settlers often killed Aborigines who trespassed onto 'their' land. In their own land, they now suffered discrimination and were attacked by disease. Throughout the 1600s and 1700s Britain has deported its criminals first to America and later to Australia. Once they had served their sentences they could apply to buy land and become settlers.

As soon as Europeans began to settle in America, in the early 16th century, they imported enslaved Africans to work for them. In 1444, first slaves were brought to Portugal (of course it takes a heart of Gold of a Portuguese even to dream of converting others to own religion, saving non-believers) from northern Mauritania, in 1510, first slaves were shipped to Spanish (Spain invaded Portugal in the meantime) colonies in South America via Spain, in 1518, there was a first direct shipment of slaves from Africa to the Americas, in 1652, Dutch (with their perfection drive) established their first colony in South Africa.

Yet, the slavery of huge proportions, started only when our Popes have decided that non-baptized Africans should be enslaved. Early genocides started with our obsession with the Christian superiority, and were supported by our increased movability, huge ships, European trade companies, and our ever-lasting obsession with Gold.

A British poster from 1927 called Jungles Today Are Gold Mines Tomorrow UK National Archives

A British poster from 1927 called Jungles Today Are Gold Mines Tomorrow, the UK National Archives

Over the next 300 years more than 11 million enslaved people were transported across the Atlantic, and Britain led this trade from the mid-17th century onwards. Many cities grew rich on the profits of industries which depended on slave-produced materials such as cotton, sugar and tobacco. Read about a few getting rich and many staying poor.

sugar national archives many poor one rich Native America colony

The importance of Sugar trade and profits, the UK national archives, makes many poor and a few rich, history of America as a colony

The British trade was a three legged voyage: from British ports to West Africa, where enslaved people were bought with guns through the dreaded ‘middle passage’ to America, where they were used to work on the plantations growing only crops that Europe wanted: tobacco, sugar, cotton. The merchant ships would load up with these products and take them back to Britain.

At the same time, In Asia, in China, the legal code drawn up in the time of Hong Wu emperor in 1364, known as the code of Ming Dynasty protected slaves giving them all the right of free citizens.

The Ming code also laid great emphasis on family relations. It was based on Confucian ideas influencing China until the end of the nineteenth century. Commerce, trade and naval exploration flourished with ships reaching the Americas in 1421, before Christopher Columbus set sail. The first expedition in 1405 consisted of 317 ships and 28,000 men with cargoes of export, mainly silks and porcelains, bringing back foreign luxuries such as spices and tropical woods... At no point they were intended to extend Chinese sovereignty overseas. Towards the end of the Ming rule, during 1557, the first European colony, Macao, was founded by Portuguese.

Going back in time the Egyptians, we are told, also employed slaves, using the Jews, Europeans and Ethiopians. The main religious texts of Judaism, Islam and Christianity recognize slaves as a separate class of people. The Romans kept Greeks (who were culturally and intellectually far superior) as slaves: soldiers, servants, and teachers. During the 9th century, the Slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain, by the Spanish Ottomans Empire. All women were at one point considered slaves, only men were free. This is at the time when none could read nor write, when education was reserved for our Kings and Priests, we did not travel, we stayed at home fishing or cultivating lands, hoping to live a bit longer than 40 years of age.

The campaign in Britain to abolish slavery began in the 1760s, with pro-slavery Brits arguing that the enslaved Africans were happy and well-treated. Eventually, in 1807, Parliament passed an Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. However, slavery continued in other areas of the British Empire including the territories run by the East India Company. It is estimated that a further 1 million people were enslaved and transported throughout the 19th Century.

Opium War British in China

Opium War British in China Capture_of_the_Peiho_Forts 1860 British Library

Opium War British in China Capture of the Peiho Forts 1860 British Library

Do you remember the Opium Wars – such a disgrace to any educated mind of Europe… In the late 18th century, the British East India Company started smuggling opium from India into China. The Chinese Emperor passed many decrees against opium that was at the time forbidden in China in 1729, 1799, 1814 and 1831. Even Americans entered the trade by bringing opium from Turkey into China. Apparently, some of the American opium traders included the great-grandfather of US President Roosevelt. According to United Nations the British sent the opium to their warehouses in Canton, from where Chinese smugglers would take the opium into mainland China. The Chinese Emperor finally seized all the opium in Canton. This has caused the 2nd Opium War where British East India Company acted as a British army fighting local Chinese.

Irish and their Holocust

During the mid-19th Century, in Ireland, the great famine caused by Brits was their Holocaust as millions of tons of food were taken by Britain while a quarter of Irish population literally starved to death not being able to cultivate enough potatoes for their own consumption. I’ve learned of this famine reading a Turkish news in remembrance of a Sultan who was reported to have hidden a shipment of food from Her Majesty the English Queen and in his goodness sent it to the starving Irish population. He has offered to help directly, but was discouraged, because that was seen as “Minding someone else’s business” and the English court would have found it highly intrusive and politically incorrect. The renowned British historian, AJP Taylor, declared "all Ireland was a Belsen", a Nazi concentration camp of its time.

Extracts from the Illustrated London News showing the situation in Ireland 1847-51

Extracts from the Illustrated London News showing the situation in Ireland 1847-51, the UK National Archives

Researching all of this, we probably all exclaim - thank God we do live in the today's society, not a 100 years ago or 1,000 years ago! Yet at all times we do have a choice to act as researchers, as artists of our times, not harming other sentiant beings on our little journey through the Planet Earth.

Find further research on , Christianity, Alchemy of Humanity, and our Drive for Goodness within my historical fiction book A-Ma, set in the 17th century China.

How and why did Portuguese Jesuits try to convert Chinese into Christianity...

Top Scientists and Truth about Holocausts and Genocides

Apart from artists who subconsciously supported Aborigines in all areas of the world, our tops scientists always reminded us of who we are in this mini-Universe of ours.

Just a brief reminder of who our scientists are.

Check Mysticism in Art of Leonardo

self portrait leonardo da vinci

If there is 6.5% of the world’s population with the University degree, there can’t be more than 0.06% of people with the Phd. We are talking about the ones who have devoted their s, souls and lives to science, researching Mathematics, Human bodies, Philosophy, Psychology. They are the ones that had Leonardo da Vinci as their role model, and Leonardo was dissecting bodies to learn about human anatomy when one went to hell for doing this. The ones who have Giordano Bruno as their role model who was burnt on stake for telling the Truth. Their minds are set in the far future, so you ought to respect scientists and their life long dedication to our future benefits.  Can we trust our Librarians? Do you know how much a librarian earns just to be surrounded by books and research? Less than a builder, a volunteer truly, devoted to books guarding the knowledge. 

So if you wish to know any truth, go to your top scientists, go to the UK, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swiss and Portuguese libraries, or their National Archives, research their work and you will again gain full respect towards the few who carry the Truth of Human History and are not afraid to show you how Large Corporations and Religious Fanatics have manipulated our drive for Good-ness and have in the past 2,000 years emotionally abused our souls and our noble drive for Freedom, Justice, Equality...

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