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AoL Mindfulness Concepts and Themes

AoL Mindfulness Series

9 (nine) Self Development Mindfulness Books

Published by Artof4Elements

Self Development 9 Mindfulness Books Series Alchemy of Love

The Series of nine (9) and non-fiction books focusing on spiritual growthcreativity and . The series of many genres, including poetrypersonal developmenthistorical fiction the world of Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training explores numerous self-development themes. According to Nuit, the mindfulness books series is inspired by yin and yang, by mythologyalchemy, and within the parenting world by simplicity parenting, and alternative teaching educational models

"Believing that we are all innately divine the ''Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training'' explores the alchemy of the soul: the preparation, transformation and initiation process as an underlining method of personal development and growth." Nuit

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Mindfulness Non-fiction Books Themes

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Ama Dios (9 AoL Consciousness Books Combined)

Mindful Eating

Conscious Parenting

Conscious Creativity

Art of 4 Elements

Ama Dios

Mindful Being

Spiritual Symbols

Tree of Life

Using a variety of self-development tools from other disciplines such as sociologypsychology, to helping people identify and achieve personal goals, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training is a spiritual not religious endeavor that uses life-coaching tools from various philosophersgurus and sages of our past and present.

''Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training'' use a variety of and self-development tools: mindfulness exercises, personality questionnaires, setting true personal goals, inner exploration through writing and drawing, use of mandalas, tree of life, spiritual diary, relationship contracts, flower of beliefs, etc.

The fifth book, ''Conscious Parenting'' main theme is within the concept of Simplicity Parenting and it is inspired by the Waldorf education, Alternative education and the teaching practices that focus on practical, hands-on activities and creative play with "no punishment" holistic approach. Do reward and punishment work

Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting Courses are 12 Modules Courses, examining body, nutrition, home environment, relationship with Earth, the "Eco" habits, behavior patterns, examining subconscious mind and conscious thoughts, exploring emotions, training powers through and the willpower exercises, work with mandalas, mantras, improving relationships, looking into goals, dreams, and building the personal development plans. Mindfulness Training on Slideshare

The Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Series of books and courses encourage readers to adopt healthy vegetarian or vegan diets that have the least ecological foot-print, to avoid using plastic, to spend time in nature, grow own vegetables adopting a sustainable life-style, to work with habits that empower the physical body: the choice of healthy nutrition, and regular exercise regime together with the mind training. The daily routine includes practices of concentration and meditation, practicing love to improve the ability to connect with oneself and others, The non-fiction books encourage creative intelligence, creative thinking, and exploring tools of mindful living.



Why Mindfulness?

A variety of religious and spiritual movements, such as YogaNew Age and the New Thought movement use mindfulness meditation for spiritual growth and development.

In her NET TV Interview Nataša Pantović Nuit explains how from the point of view of psychologymeditation can induce an altered state of .

Main article: What is Mindfulness (psychology)

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training offers tools that explore the power of mindcreativityconsciousnessmindfulnessunconditional love. Through poetry, mindfulness, non fiction books, courses work on developing the qualities of both heart and intellect, exploring virtues or ethical values yamas, rules niyamas, inspiring the inner growth. A spectrum of mystical exercises enhances both cognitive and emotional development and enhance Divergent Thinking

Spiritual Tools and Power of Mind

Meditation is today a focus of increasing scientific research and over 1,000 research studies are published linking meditation to a variety of health benefits, Stress reduction, improvement of academic performance, sustained attention, increasing the one’s self control, and love.

Through the use of spiritual and self-development tools, the researcher goal is to achieve good physicalmental and emotional health. Within parenting, the goal is to promote: unobstructed learning from nature and freedom in the learning environment

A-Ma or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras Historical Fiction Book

All the events and manuscripts mentioned within the book: the Dutch attack to Macao 24th of June 1622 Fortaleza do Monte proved crucial in successfully holding off the attempted Dutch invasion, Dutch East India Company, the Reform of the Chinese Calendar during 1630s in China, Father Schall’s Johann Adam Schall von Bell Appointment to the Chinese Board of Mathematicians (during 1650s), Witch hunt, and Witches Manual, Chinese culture, etc, are carefully researched historical facts. During the 17th century, some 5,000 slaves lived in Macau, around 2,000 Portuguese and 20,000 Chinese. The book uses history to create the connection between actions of the individuals that live surrounded by magic. Ama is born in A-Ma Temple in Macau. A-Ma takes us on an exploration journey discovering the secrets of the bond we all have created during the millions of life-times on Earth, the bond of consciousness and suffering.

Through Ruben, a Portuguese Jesuit Priest who came to China to convert the Chinese into Christians, and through Ama and her family, friends, followers and enemies, we enter into the insights and challenges of the time they lived in, we join their attempts to learn from both the Eastern and Western philosophy, and we witness their personal alchemy inner transformation. Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Historical Fiction A Glimpse into Ama 12 Chapters

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Interview with Nataša Pantović Nuit 9th Mindfulness Book Release

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