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from Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course

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Mindfulness Exercise: Life Circle Mandala

from Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course

Recently I was asked to lead a Circle of Life workshop during a spiritual retreat at the outskirts of a fishermen village in Malta: Marsa Xlokk. Surrounded with a group that regularly meditates, this self-development exercise entered an inspiring dimension.

The Life Circle is a used as a and tool to remind us of what an amount of time we spend in useful activities and how much of our time we devote to truly life enriching habits and endavours. The participants are encouraged to contemplate three areas of their lives: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual and to write or draw within the circle their life supporting / enriching habits and their life destructive / wasteful activities or patterns.

circle of life mindfulness exercise who am I flower of life from Mindful Being Course by Nataša Pantović

Circle of Life Contemplation: Body Mind Soul

We have started the exercise contemplating - what is it within the physical world that enriches our body: nutrition, rhythm, exercise, love towards the body, hugs, massages, fulfilled sex-life, the time we spend in nature. The enriching emotional habits were related to: friends, fulfilled love-life, relationship with children, parents, strangers, the positive thinking patterns, the development of virtues: consciously working with love, truthfulness, kindness, giving, and finally the service (in the form of community work or work with Gaia our mother Earth).

Circle of Life and our Research of

Opening like a tree and going deep within the soul with its roots reaching deeper levels of consciousness, the range of feelings, the complexity of thoughts, the beauty of experiences, all hit us while processing this exercise.

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Circle of Life Mental and Emotional Approach

Men approached this activity very systematically, dividing the circle in front of them into three areas, colouring time-slots they spend during the day in physical exercising, mental work or emotional  exchange with friends and family.

mindful positive parenting pillars understand priorities

Women had more of an artistic approach working with colours, animals, various artistic representation of what seam to be their personal vortexes that „suck“ their energy.


Magic Helpers: Wisdom Tree and Power Animal

To prepare the energies, we grew the seeds into various trees, magically connecting participants to their wisdom tree. We exposed each one of the participant to the 4 (four) elements: water, earth, air and fire allowing them to grow to their highest potential.  We saw roses blossoming, kaori trees blooming, oak trees connecting to their inate wisdom.

What is your Tree Sign

Towards the end of the exercise we connected to our inner children using our power animals: pandas, birds, lions, dogs, snakes to inspire each soul to access the inner knowledge through PLAY, to be able to define true goals and deeply understand the beauty of Purpose.

What is your Animal Totems

We wished to remove the spell of inertness from our lives and materialise our NEW Beginnings without chains of unconscious bindings. That was the Theme of the retreat: The New Beginnings.

Together we created a playground of energies working its magic into all levels of our being.

The following  is created to inspire your

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Our mind is constantly busy with thoughts and feelings about our past, present or future. To stop it from useless chat, we must learn how to hear this noise, become aware of it, and transform it through concentration into .’

Transform noise through concentration into mindfulness, Conscious Creativity Mindfulness Meditations book quote by Nataša Pantović Nuit

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