12 Best Mindfulness Exercises

What is Mindfulness?

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We have an extraordinary potential to transform ourselves and tap into our highest potential.

what is mindfulness: Highest potential is waiting

When we say 'mind' we think of: consciousness, awareness, cognitive thinking, reasoning, perception; but also of: intuition, subconscious gibberish, or unconscious strata that influences our lives... The state of mind, our positive or negative attitude towards the world, is closely related to our experiences of happiness or suffering. The nature of mind or the matrix of various patterns that forms around a soul is closely related to the Buddhist concept of karma.

What is mindfulness, power of mind, from Mindful Being by Natasa Pantovic Nuit

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12 Best Mindfulness Exercises

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Mindfulness Exercises and Enlightenment in Buddhism

The eightfold Buddhist path comprises the following 8 steps to enlightenment.  

These are:


1 Right view

2 Right intention


Ethical Conduct

3 Right speech

4 Right action

5 Right livelihood



6 Right effort

7 Right mindfulness

8 Right meditation

Buddhist Meditation & Mindfulness Exercises

is at the heart of the Buddhist Meditation.

The person meditating should be mindful of whatever enters the mind. Silencing the internal dialogue, the meditator observes thoughts, and feelings without labeling them as good or bad.

Mindfulness works with continuous awareness of: the body posture and breath; of the feelings, of the mind (thoughts, intentions, images, etc.), and of the mental objects that appear during the meditation. Through bare attention, we learn to see things as they really are, without judgments and preconceptions.

Mindfulness increases the awareness of the nature of the mind.

Mindfulness confronts us with the constant change and impermanence. The change is in the nature of life and clinging to anything will lead us to suffering. The person meditating develops the freedom to break the hold of habits.

What is mindfulness, Mindful Being Course by Natasa Pantovic Nuit about busy mind

Mindfulness Exercises within Zen Meditation

Zen is a branch of Buddhism with special emphasis on meditation.

Zen meditation, zazen, or sitting starts by focusing the awareness on the breath. During 'sitting' we close down our mental and emotional activity, and through training we develop single-pointed concentration.

While meditating we work on our concentration, the rest of the day we work on mindfulness. Mindfulness is awareness of everything that is happening in the moment.  Mindfulness is a  technique

Zen Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness is continuous undisturbed awareness of the present moment.

Fully aware of here, and now – we pay attention to what is happening right in front of us, we set aside our mental and emotional baggage.

To be mindful we have to re-train our mind.

What is mindfulness, Mindful Being Course by Natasa Pantovic Nuit about awareness and present moment
We train ourselves all through our life to waste energy following our inner narratives. We are often unconsciously driven by our fears, worries and fantasies. We interpret, speculate, and project the words, thoughts and emotions around us. We should enter a space of awareness of our present moment with no emotional filters, no regrets of the past or hopes for the future, with no daydreaming and no nightmares...

Ability to concentrate will give us an ability to transform a mundane situation in a very special one – just in the midst of any moment we can decide to be mindful!

Secrets of Meditation and Mindfulness, Alchemy of Love Video

Self-Remembering and Mindfulness

Mindfulness through

P.D. Ouspensky (a student of G.I. Gurdjieff) would use the term ‘waking up’ out of the ordinary state of human consciousness - gaining presence of mind or ‘self-remembering’.

Self-Remembering is an attempt to be more conscious, and more aware.  It is a form of active meditation were we work to be aware of ourselves and our environment through self-remembering. 

We eat, walk or talk but we are not aware of our-selves.  If we are aware of ourselves, we are awake.

The essence of the Self-Remembering technique is that while we are doing anything – reading, singing, talking, tasting – we must be aware of the Self who is reading, singing, talking or tasting.  The awareness, the energy, the life is that Self that is present within us.

In self-remembering there will be no thought whatever we are doing.

Walking next to the sea: the sounds are there, the wind is there, we are there with the sun, with the breeze, and with our breath and awareness of our body moving, but without our thoughts.

When eating, when bathing suddenly remember yourself, and stay as long as you can – remembering.  Only effort is needed - a continuous effort.  Whenever you remember to do it, remember yourself:

Repeated efforts to self-remember lead to higher states of consciousness and an awakened state of being.

How to Exercise Mindfulness

Mindfulness works with continuous awareness of body, breath; feelings, thoughts, intentions, images.  We created a set of Mindfulness Exercises to help you within your Spiritual Journey.  Read More 

Mindfulness Techniques Spiritual Quotes

Right Mindfulness is the seventh part of the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Check what sages and gurus have to say about mindfulness. Read the Main Article

Mindfulness Exercises and Willpower Training

Short & Long Term Meditation Benefits and Mindfulness in Every-days Life

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What is matter, energy, spirit, consciousness, soul?   

Your Spiritual Journey 

We have designed the Achemy of Love Mindulness Training to help you within your Spiritual Development Journey.

What is Mindfulness?

What is Alchemy?

What is Spirituality?

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