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Individual or Group Work

Online Life Coaching

Structured Self-Development and Transformation Tools

During the Alchemy of Love  Course we will be experimenting with trasformation tools that were used by Sages and Gurus for centuries to lead people to their True Self.

Structured Self-Development:  Individual or Group Work

You could be following this course individually, with your friend or a partner, or in a group. 

While individual work gives you all the freedom you want to adapt the exercises to your own needs, the group work will give you inspiration and steady flow.

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If you work as an individual you will be tempted to rush through the exercises, go to the next questionnaire without following the instructions for the week, reduce the time you spend in self-observing, or forget about the weekly tasks.  To follow the self-development course properly you will have to strengthen your Will Power.  Your curious Self will want to rush through all the exercises, your Ego will try to ‘protect’ you from any changes in your life, your lazy Self will get bored practicing virtues, etc.  If you are working in a group, you will be reminded to keep up the schedule and every week you will be inspired by other people’s self development work.  

If you are working in a group, we recommend that:

  • you meet at least once a week,
  • you chose a different facilitator for each week (a week before), and have a task for all to share insights, inspirations, and go deeper into the essence of each exercise during the meeting

However rewarding a group work is, you will also find challenges while working in the group.  The group work has its own dynamics and one person’s agendas can ruin the self-development work of the whole group.  If you chose to work in a group, make sure that you are aware of the groups’ dynamics and that you protect all the members from any type of ‘abuse’.  

Group Work and Rules

If you are working in a group we recommend that you set the rules at the very beginning of your self-development work.  The example of the rules could be:

  • Honesty & Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Do not share your Soul’s Diary  or Spiritual Diary or share just snippets or inspiration that you got from it
  • Do not compete
  • Respect for all

Structured Self-Development: Taking Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos could be a wonderful tool that will increase your self-awareness and inspire your self improvement journey.  We encourage you to make a video of your Self-Development Journey from Week 1 to Week 12 of the Self-Development Course.  You could record inspiring moments, quotes that intrigued you, poems that you’ve created, people that gave you strength during this journey, messages that you’ve received from Divine through the books, through the synchronicity, all through your day.  

If you are using photos, you could photograph your particular habit / state of body / state of your home, etc. during Week 1 / Week 6 / Week 12 of the course.  This will give you a wonderful collage that will remind you of this little Journey of Self Discovery.

If you have a video and want to share it with others, create a 10min version, and send it to us, because this will be a way to spread your inspiration further and the way to learn from you. 


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