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free online personality test

Free Personal Development Tools

Free online personality test

It is in our nature to learn and grow.  For happiness we need to learn to Love, we need to learn to Concentrate and we should keep the flow and energy of inspiration within our lives.

life coaching: free online personality tests, Free Self Development Tools: Take What You Need

Your Time Wasters / Your Life Wasters

Often we do waste time unconsciously and we need to apply a conscious  effort to record this time and activities, so that we become aware of the wasters of our life.  Awareness is half of the answer.  Once you are aware of where does your time go, you will do something to change this pattern.

Read each sentence and rate them from 1 (really bad) to 5 (I am super happy with it).  Answer to what extent you feel this statement is true.

Where does your time go?

  • Wasting time watching TV
  • Wasting time on Social Networking
  • Wasting time on mobile / Internet
  • Wasting time with games
  • Wasting time gossiping, talking about others
  • Wasting time sleeping
  • Wasting time in laziness
  • Wasting time in useless thoughts / fears / worries
  • Too much of my interaction with friends / family / loved ones is shallow
  • I am constantly surrounded by noise – of TV, Radio, Work Environment, etc.

Analise Your Personality Test

After you have answered your questions, meditate on answers and where the problems within your life might be. The ranking from 1 to 5 will indicate your list of priorities...

Now Draw a Circle of Your Life Activities

alchemy of love exercises circle of life

Use a colored marker to highlight areas that need improvement and that need to be protected, like: time with your friends, time with your relatives, time to study, time to meditate.  Add whatever you feel is missed out from this list.  

alchemy of love mindfulness exercises circle of life

Draw a circle of your Ideal Life. Compare your real world with what you wish to live.

Have fun and change! Towards Living Your Highest Potential...

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