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or some weird and wonderful things about me:

- MSc (Master's) Economics, Belgrade

- Became a published author in 1991 - in Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia. Natasa Pantovic Cooperative Law with a self-legal-help book: Contracts for Companies and Individuals examining the Yugoslav Co-operative Law.  

- The early eMalta years saw a heavy investment by Government in its ICT infrastructure to transform Malta into an Information Society. As Management Consultant working within the MEU, in the Office of Prime Minister, I worked on large number of management and HR consulting projects throughout the various Ministries and Government Institutions.

- While heading a large UK IT company (Crimsonwing, later KPMG) that has set-up its operations in Malta, I was in charge of expanding its markets in Europe, and was invited by Malta Enterprise, as a Guest Seaker to a series of presentations detailing the experiences that the large 'blue chip' companies had subcontracting their IT operations to Malta. As a woman, and an IT Executive, travelling around our little planet, my memory takes me to many venues in London, Cardif, Manchester, Milan, Brussels, Rome, Amsterdam, presenting our company's large UK IT case studies (Safeway, Banks, etc.) while at the same time promoting Malta IT, but the most impressive was the Euro-Med Summit in Marseille (France) where I was a Guest Speaker in an Experts Panel Discussion addressing Ministers and Business Heads from around the Euro-Med region with the Presentation Strategies for Growth in the Euro-Med Region Euro-mediterranean Business Summit 2006.

- After helping Father George who was living and working in Malta and Africa, help him build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, entered the most amazing world of parenthood adopting two angels from Ethiopia as a single mother (now imagine that!). My children Ema and Andrej are my biggest Conscious Parenting teachers. They love and train basketball, play piano, act within a Music Theatre Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.

My soul is the one of a nomad and during my life-time I visited more than 50 countries, set foot on all the continents, and lived in five: Serbia, Malta, Uk, Holland and New Zealand. During my life-time I visited Rome more than 30 times and I hope to visit this magic city another 30 times, I explored all the corners of Europe: visiting Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany 20 times. My friends are from all around the globe. My home is in Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Sliema wherever I found my heart beating the same rhythm.

- For the consciousness researchers lovers, some of the more intriguing pages talk about 25 years of Yoga and Meditation, and my spiritual exploration journey through Theosophy, Zen, Tantra, Antroposophy, Yoga and my vegetarian life-style where I danced barefoot in the rain, meditated for hours in search of God,

- As a volunteer organized 6 Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, a Children Festival, International Vegetarian Festival, read 1,000s of spiritual books and as a Volonteer was within an organising committee of the 10 days Megalithic Conference in Malta

- The world of love and relationships is deep and soul enriching and I had a most amazing opportunity to explore this male-female game in over 18 years of relationships. I now regularly publish Articles on Relationships, Mindfulness and Personal Growth

In 2015 published Art of 4 Elements Spiritual Poetry Book with 3 other artists: Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar and Jeni Caruana. ISBN: 9789995754051

Also in 2015 published 4 AoL Mindfulness Training Books:

-Intro to A Guide to Mindful Eating, Veggie Chef Mirjana Musulin ISBN: 9789995754068

- Intro to Mindful Eating with Vegan Chef Olivera Rosic ISBN: 9789995754020

- Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course ISBN: 9789995754037

- Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents ISBN: 9789995754044

Historical Fiction: A-Ma or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras ISBN: 9789995754198

2018 released: Tree of Life: a Journey into the Field of Dreams 

2018 released Spiritual Symbols with Their Meanings

2019 released Conscious Creativity: Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations

Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Training:

I have been on 100s of Training Courses and had an honor to learn from the best. The following list of the training courses focuses on the courses that I have developed and delivered as a Trainer.

Nov 2006    Euro-Med Summit Marseille     A Guest Speaker in an Experts Panel Discussion with the Presentation Strategies for Growth in the Euro-Med Region Euro-mediterranean Business Summit 2006

October 2006 Malta High Commission in London. A Guest Speaker presenting: Malta, IT & Opportunities for the UK companies

The collaboration of Malta Enterprise and independent analysts and consultants event at the Malta High Commission with aim to attract foreign companies within the ICT sector. Malta, although a small player, offers some very specific advantages. 

May 2006/7/8/9 London Outsourcing Conference. 

The London-based seminar organised by the National Outsourcing Association (promoting best practices of outsourcing) to which Malta Enterprise was invited to promote Malta as a viable outsourcing destination.

Delivering presentations using Crimsonwing as a successful case study in the establishing and promoting of Malta as a near-shore destination.

2003/4/5/6/7/8/9 Supporting Malta Enterprise as a Guest Speaker Presenter with Crismwsonwing UK case studies presenting: Setting up IT UK business in Malta, whith foreign guests, delegations, Government Institutions

Outsource World London as part of a delegation formed by Malta Enterprise. It was there that Crimsonwing met Fraser Eagle. What happened when Safeway, the UK's third largest food supermarket chain, who were already using IT outsourcing service based in Malta, were acquired by Morrisons that had never previously outsourced offshore, how did Malta's near-shore proposition commercials compare.

June 2009 Amsterdam IT Conference 

A Dutch event, attended with the presentation: Outsourcing and IT Trends in the Netherlands

Offshore Customer Management International Conference in Prague


June 1999

Body Mind Spirit Festival

One of the Organisers + Workshop: The Science of Yoga
Oct 1999

International Vegetarian Festival 

One of the Organisers
Jan-Dec 1999

Reed Training Consulting 

7+ days Courses Trainer for Managers in Stress Management, Communication Skills, Leadership...
June 2000

Body Mind Spirit Festival

One of the Organisers + Workshop: Stillness within Sacred Movement
June 2001

Body Mind Spirit Festival

One of the Organisers + Workshop: Goddess Energies
June 2002

Body Mind Spirit Festival

One of the Organisers + Talk: Sacred Feminine
June 2003

Body Mind Spirit Festival

One of the Organisers + Talk: Alchemy of Soul
June 2004

Body Mind Spirit Festival 

One of the Organisers + Workshop: Alchemy and Deep Meditation

Crimsonwing UK

Trainer of 2 years long Training to 100 IT specialists in Soft Management Skils: Art of Presenting, True Communication, Leadership, Client Relationship, Business Analysis
June 2005

GAIA Festival

One of the Organisers + Workshop: Conscious Creativity, Poetry as Spiritual Growth Tool
June 2006

GAIA Festival

One of the Organisers +  Workshop: Creative Meditations and Spiritual Poetry

June 2007   GAIA Festival                            One of the Organisers + Workshop: Worshiping Goddess

Nov 2007 Metageum: Exploring Megalithics One of the Organisers of the 10 days International Conference + Leading the Workshop entitled "Ancient Spirituality and Goddess in Malta"

Metageum’07 was a week-long event that includes an international conference, guided visits to sacred sites, and workshops exploring the “ of the Megalithic Temple Builders”, held at The Caraffa Stores, Birgu. An international, inter-disciplinary conference with a series of workshops enabling us to make the imaginative leap into the Neolithic worldview. Speakers at the conference ranged from archaeologists, psychologists and artists, to researchers in esoteric subjects. The conference presented new results of research, and encouraged further debate and discussion. Presentations at the conference venue, field trips to the temples or the workshops had a long list of renowned guest speakers from the archaeological field, both academic and independent, including such world-renowned researchers and authors as Graham Hancock. Each afternoon a bus took the participants into one or more of the megalithic temples and other prehistoric sites. The experiential thread of the Conference included esoteric workshops, poetry writing, story telling, spiral walking, trance-dancing as a group shamanic activity run by Body Temple, from New York. The Saturday 10th November, gives a very good overview of a typical day. That day the speakers included Dr Anton Mifsud (on Malta as Atlantis), Peter Marshall the main organizer / CEO of the Conference (on Malta’s role in the lost civilizations of Europe from England), Dr Louis Lagana of the University of Malta (on the influence of prehistoric Malta on modern art), and Erik Davis, author and journalist from California. The Saturday afternoon our field research was inside the Hypogeum. A specially formed team of researchers was recording the sounds vibrations of various modern and ancient instruments within this 11 meters underground 7,000 years old Temple. I was privileged to be meditating inside the Oracle Room during these experiements.

Check my article about this research 111 Hz Healing with Sounds in Ancient Temples

2009          MCAST Trainer                         Trainer Management Skills Training

2015 -   AoL Mindfulness Training             On-going

Alchemy of love mindfulness training books printed

An award, Management Consultancy Project, Hyder UK, Cardif

award for sucessful Management Consultancy Project with Hyder UK working as Head of Business Development for 10 years

An award, Design and Execution of a Soft Management training Programme for 100 employees: Team Buidling, Leadership, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Effective Writing, Stress and Time Management. 

award for providing training in soft management skills working as Head of Business Development for 10 years

Working as Management Consultant within the Government attending a comprehencive business consultancy services training leading to this UK management services certificate

management services certificate UK business consultancy services

A part of this extensive Management Consulting Training that lasted 5 years included in debth practical and theoretical training. We attended various courses -

Budgeting and financial Control Course

Budgeting and financial control course certificate

Business Process Reeingineering Course

preparation sessions for prospective adoption parents

Effective Project Management Course

effective project management course certificate

Negotiating Skills Course

negotiating skills course

Team Building Course

team building course

My own research took me in to the exploration of Chinese language and its philosophy. My historical fiction book explores this amazing country and its ancient customs.

Chinese learning certificate 2

Learning Italian

learning italian certificate

Teaching English as Foreign Language

teaching English as foreign language certificate

Understanding NLP

NLP Seminar

International Yoga Teacher Certificate with 350 hours of teachers training.

Nataša Pantović Expert Articles:

WikiHow Spiritual Articles have been viewed more than 850,000 times...

852000 article views on Wikihow Natasa Pantovic Book Excerpts

Conscious Parenting Course Excerpts Published in the Sunday Times of Malta, Section Alternative Education, seen by 300,000 people!!!

Nature   Inspire Children to learn

Thinking Outside Box   Technology   

Passionate Marketing       Divergent Thinking

Will we learn from Finland    Rewards and Punishment

Freedom in Learning Environment    Future Education

Arts Make Students Smart    Online Karma        Social Media

Engaging Customers Online          Big Brother always watching

Brain Magic          Shifting Education Goals

Nordic Countries Teaching Methods


Celebrating another milestone! 

 20,000 Followers on Booklikes, our Books Blog Platform


20,000 followers on Booklikes our Books Blog Platform

Expert Profile with useful mindfulness links and Self-Growth Articles from N Pantović

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Eastern Philosophy recommended books Goodreads list with Ama and Mindfulness Training Books

Eastern Philosophy recommended books Goodreads list with 

or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras and Tree of Life: a Journey into the Field of Dreams by Nataša Pantović

wisdom nonduality alchemy books best goodreads lists with Ama and Tree of Life

Wisdom Nonduality and Heart of Alchemy books best Goodreads lists with Ama or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras and Tree of Life: a Journey into the Field of Dreams by Nataša Pantović


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sivananda yoga teacher training certificate 350 hours

and the most beautiful and rewarding of them all...

Preparation Sessions for Prospective Adoption Parents

preparation sessions for prospective adoption parents

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