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Mindful Being, Conscious Parenting and Ama

AoL Mindfulness Books and Courses

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Conscious Parenting Course is a great course and I highly recommend it

By Dee on June 14, 2015, Amazon Review

conscious parenting book reviews Conscious c ourses is a great course and I highly recommend it! 
I enjoyed working with my kids on creativity exercises of various sorts. Our busy life-styles, make us all a bit hyperactive and detached from nature so seeing my loved ones working on some simple but inspiring exercises from the course, enjoying their creativity time, and preparing little surprises for us, parents, made us appreciate our life as a family. The course is fun, full of exercises and tips for kids development. 12 modules try to cover all the areas within one's life, so there is much to enjoy but I would highlight: anger management, understanding core beliefs, personal development plan and of course the various exercises within the module: relationships. Worth going back to the course at different stages of life! I will probably re-do it again in a couple of years. Must experience!

Sarah gave it 5 stars in December 2017 Goodreads Reviewer

"Parenting is a much demanding chore, much tiring, especially if you are a single parent, but nothing is as much satisfying and so beautiful than this. I don't believe in the concept of an "ideal parent". It has to be a level higher than saying " It is my duty to look after them". [[tt tag="children" ]] are not commodities, they are beautiful souls, a gift from God. The psychology needs to be understood. A child has to laugh with you. You need to be as a good friend to them, making them share their thoughts and views daily and intricately balancing them to make them channelize their energy in the right way.

This course is fun, full of exercises and tips for kids development. 12 modules covering all the areas within one's life - I loved anger management, understanding core beliefs, personal development plan. Loved it.. :-)"

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A lovely course filled with and soul!

By Joanne Figov on July 26, 2015, Amazon Review

mindful being book reviewsI came across Natasa and her 12 week 'Mindful Being' training. I am so pleased I did as I found it stimulating, interesting and what is so good about the course is that she has incorporated all areas of life, from one's home environment, to our habits, beliefs, food and our body, relationships and mind. As a person who works in the health and healing field I already knew much of what is contained in this course but she put a fresh edge on it and simplified some concepts like the meditation into an easier format for daily life. I found she structured her information well and it came across in a workable way. This course really makes one think as there are questionnaires, exercises and so much practical information that I found I could incorporate into my life in an easy way. Above all this course made me more aware of myself and how I behave in daily life. It got me thinking and helped me to changed my behaviour and my thought patterns. It is enjoyable and fun and I loved writing my journal and following the progress over time. I would definitely recommend this 'Mindful Being' course to anyone, young or old, as it is geared towards anyone with an interest in their body/mind and self development. A lovely course filled with wisdom and soul!!!

Great course on mindfulness if you want to be in control of your life!

By Dr P Xuereb on March 6, 2015, Amazon 

A very comprehensive course full of and materials to keep you going right through the course. At first I was a little unhappy that this was an e-book because I like to hold my books in my hands, but after a short while I realised that I need to print and re-print the exercises and the format made it very easy to work on the course -- much better than a single hard copy, which I would have had to photocopy pages from.

This ‘spiritual not religious’ course covers lots of areas in one’s life, and if one wishes to go deeper into the modules it can take you a lifetime. It took me 12 weeks (as recommended) and did it on my own -- but I also see the value of working on it as a group of like-minded individuals and discussing various tasks with others in the group. I also tried to take all of the exercises ‘seriously’ -- and it was tough switching off all communication with the world when it came to it. 'Soul’s Diary' is a wonderful exercise that I had already been doing for some years, and the Mindful Being Course reminded me of how good it is to use unconscious stream writing to learn different secrets about oneself. Once I finished the course I kept the spiritual diary and various other mindfulness exercises within my life, and hopefully I will be disciplined enough keep them within my life forever(?) :-)

Nataša has video presentations that I found useful and inspiring, and she also offers e-mail support -- though I did not need this. I wish that there were a forum of users to discuss various exercises - that would be very helpful. All in all, a great course, the likes of which is often sold for much more, but Nuit has made it available for a price that is affordable to most. I also appreciate the fact that Nuit's ‘spiritual not religious’ perspective deals with issues from the points of view of multiple religions and spiritual groups.

Highly recommend it!

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