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Alchemy of Soul and Spirit, Spiritual Poetry: About Death

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I heard his voice and cried

om ah mi de wa hri

tears of silence

familiar sound of

took me into the after-death experience

moon strolling through the starless night

leaving traces of blood that can not be seen

by the naked eye

the ashes at the bottom of the Ganges

of millions of burned bodies

and their souls trapped within the leaves' cuticles

that re-generate every spring

visible only to the forest spirits

that circle endlessly through the night

A fountain of

                as though there is nothing else but love

and it flows as a fountain

through the nose and pores and through the blood

                                as though there is nothing else but joy

that endlessly giggles and screams and teases

fairies and their choice of who to give the golden dust

                                                as though there is nothing else but celebration

of each drop of rain and each gust of wind

and your breath that intermingles with a butterfly’s sigh

Spiritual Poem about death and artwork

Poem by: Nuit

Painting by Jason Lu

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What is Spirituality?

Spiritual Development and How to be Spiritual

The purpose of life is the evolution of . Spiritual awakening offers life in the state of joy (Bliss / Ananda) and gives us a gift of Free Mind. If we learn to listen to our souls we can consciously choose to be joyful or sad, peaceful or loving, alert or relaxed... There is a Buddhist saying: 'Before enlightenment he gathered wood and carried water; after enlightenment he gathered wood and carried water.'

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