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9 Most Important Tips to Cultivate Creativity

Creativity or losing fear of being wrong

9 Most Important Tips to Cultivate Creativity,

Conscious Creativity by Natasa Pantović

According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, the brain's hemispheres are associated with two distinct functions.  A person who is ‘left-brained’ is logical, and analytical, while a person who is ‘right-brained’ is intuitive, thoughtful and creative.

how to nurture creative thinking

How to Nurture Creative Thinking, Conscious Creativity Mindfulness Meditations, by Nataša Pantović

1. Devote Time to Creativity

Developing the skill of , like with any other skill, needs time. Do devote time to creativity. Honor its flow and its magic. Allow it to become your Life Force. Train Creativity daily.

Creativity time from cultivate creativity mindful being by Nuit quote

2. Ask Questions, Stay Curious and Inquisitive, Be Gratful

People who are curious, persistent, who experiment, make mistakes and are willing to take risks have the courage to be creative.  The ones who are grateful for what they got know how to appreciate lifeChallenge and explore the world around you and always give yourself time and space for reflection.  We are constantly bombarded by ready made 'solutions’, have courage to be creatve.

3. Practice Silence

Creative minds need to stay isolated from the formulas given by society, seeking for the answers in most unpredictable places, within the silence of . The meditation has no thoughts, no feelings, no images. Entering meditation, you enter the pure consciousness.

70000 thoughts from cultivate creativity mindful being by Nuit quote

Secrets of Meditation Video

4. Do not separate learing from Life

Allow Life to be Your Guiding Force into the centre of CreativityCreativity is a Life Force and a State of Being, if properly respected and trained, it will connect you with the qualities of LoveInspirationBeauty.

5. Use the Stream of Consciousness Writing or Write Poetry

Let your soul and intuition express the subtle inner relationships within your life through poetry and stream of  writing.  Awake creativity, and imagination through the unobstracted, unstructured early morning writing.

Soul and spiritual diary alchemy of love mindfulness training exercises

6. Practice Music and Arts

Researches show that artists are more likely to use both hemispheres of their brain. Stay within the Creative Flow. To be creative we choose to be different from everyone else. Learning the skill of creativity is about learning to challenge the existing.

brain development tips cultivate creativity practice music arts drumming circle

7. Spend Time in Nature

Beauty of any flower pattern connects us with the forever present field of Life Force that has an amazing mathematical intelligence that pulsates through all living beings.  Our state of consciousness is very different when we try to cross a crowded street in a metropola and when we contemplate a shape of a tree in the middle of a mountain path.

brain development tips cultivate creativity time in nature drumming circle

8. Challenge Existing Beliefs

Challenge the beliefs about the world and the machinery that makes it work. Ask questions, free your and think, research, listen to inspiring people and create your-own opinion.  

Challenge existing beliefs, create your-own practice that breaks stereotypes. Walk backwards, wear different socks, 'strange' colors, dance in t he middle of a street, meditate, say 'hello' to everyone you meet, become a vegetarian, etc.

9 brain development most important tips to cultivate creativity: challenge existing beliefs

9. Get Inspired and Share Inspiration within Rich and Stimulating Environments

A mind+ will expand when we are open to the new possibilities, when we stay full of wonder and when we are inspired by nature, events and people.  Share this inspiration further. This is possible if you Live in the Present Moment. Do not separate learning from life; learn constantly, and access the  flow within you getting inspired from the world around you.

living in the present moment and beauty

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