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What is your tree sign Cherry tree blossom
Trees were respected since the beginning of time. Different cultures acknowledged the magic powers within ancient trees and performed various rituals around them. A tree can simply bewitch you offering a sense of mystery and magic, taking you into the journey of green respect towards this witness of time passing, into the wisdom of its mature being. Its roots lie deep in the ground. The leaves draw energy from the sunlight. The trunk is strong and wide. What is the tree hiding: ancient secrets, ghosts, goblins, spirits, ferries or just squirrels? 

Druids were priests of an ancient Celtic religious order. They thought that the oak tree is sacred and they carried out their religious rituals in oak forests. They chose the deepest parts of woodlands for their most sacred places.

The Pagans used the Yew tree as the focus of their worship. Apparently, the Yew has a particular quality that inspires a feeling of awe.

The Greeks and Romans decorated their dwellings with ivy, taking evergreen plants into their houses acknowledging their magical qualities.

The Christmas tree is a symbol adopted by Christian tradition, referring to the salvation that Jesus brought to the world by his birth.

Ancient Slav Zodiac

According to the Ancient Slav Zodiac we all have our Tree Signs. Find the date of your birth and enjoy the spiritual meaning of the Tree that protects you.

Oak Tree: 21.March

An Oak Tree is respected as a sacred tree amongst many cultures. Our ancestors used to take important decisions meditating under an oak tree.

Spiritual meaning of signs, ancient Slav Astrology: Oak Tree

If you are born under the protection of this tree you are born to be a leadera protector, and a guide. You look and act mighty-full and the energy that is given to you is full of creative power. You give an impression of an individual that has a lot of strength. You stay strong and healthy even in your old age. You are brave and carry an ability to change the worldFree and independent with the pure motives you usually work on higher goals and ideals. Followed by the Lady Luck you will flourish if you take care of your ‘roots’. The most treasured quality is independence. The worst enemy is . Your openness is contagious, however you might have a difficulty committing to one partner.

Hazelnut tree 22. - 30. March and 24. September - 03. October

what is your tree sign, slav ancient zodiac, hazelnut treeA magic fruit tree. Bearing the most delicious edible nuts.

A lot of energy follows the people born under the protection of the hazelnut tree. Following your plans to the execution, your initiative often ‘feels’ like Magic to the others. Your charisma could make you a good leader. The biggest strength is your constant drive to improve and an ability to change your position, home, surroundings. Not afraid of change, and intelligent, you are almost capable of reading other people’s thoughts. The biggest weakness could be your intolerance towards the mediocracy. You do not copy others, you are original in your thoughts but also unpredictable. That could cause problems when working with others. Capable of passionate love you could also passionately hate.

A Mountain Ash or Rowan: 01. - 10. April and 04. - 13. October

what is your tree sign, ancient Slavic zodiac, Rowen Tree: A Mountain Ash or Rowan is a flowering tree that has pinnate leaves and large clusters of whitish flowers, followed by scarlet berries.

This is a tree of deep feelings. You are capable of deep love, and you expect the same from your partner. You believe in the family and if you settle with the right partner, you will manage to gain the emotional stability. The family base will give or take away your stability. You need to feel secure and you are attracted towards luxury. Usually you will gain the material stability you so desire. Your biggest weakness could be your constant wish to be liked and loved by others.

Acer or Plane Tree: 11. - 20. April and 14. - 23. October

What is your tree sign: Acer; Ancient Slav HoroscopA favourite of the Greeks and Romans; the American sycamore or Eurasian maple tree. In Africa they are thick-branched wide-spreading trees with branches rising from near the ground.

The Acer is the tree of intelligence. People born under the protection of Acer are unusually intelligent. Exploration, new discoveries, and plenty of new ideas always surrounds you. Often ahead of your time, often misunderstood, others find it difficult to follow you.

When young very shy or extravagant, yet always in search for new knowledge, new information, new discoveries. Most often you have success in life, and you enjoy ‘bathing’ within this success. Attractive to the opposite sex, you find it difficult to appreciate the family life or settle with one partner.

Walnut tree. 21. - 30. April and 24. - 31. October

what is your tree sign, ancient Slavic astrology, walnut treeA Walnut tree needs time and space to mature. The youth that is under the protection of this tree is often shy and insecure, over-emotional and gentle. Yet, with the proper nurturing and care the walnut tree offers the most amazing fruits. Seemingly slow in your action you are very strong and persistent. You always get to your goal. There is no unfinished business within your relationship with others. Your beliefs are strong and you do not compromise. Your feelings are deep and that makes you an honest and devoted friend.

Poplar Tree: 1. - 14. May; 5. - 13. August; 1. - 8. November and 4. – 8. February

what is your tree sign, ancient Slavic astrology, Poplar treePoplar has soft light-coloured nondurable wood. It is widely cultivated in the United States and has white bark and leaves with whitish under-surfaces. If you are born under the protection of Poplar you are detailed, precise, and intelligent. In everything you do you execute precision. Freedom is the only God you worship. If you stay honest and truthful you will not need to complicate your relationships with friends, family, or your partner. You are surrounded by influential people and often find yourself in influential positions. Often your family becomes your source of strength and the place where you rest between two ‘successes’.

Chestnut tree: 15. - 24. May and 08. - 21. November

what is your tree sign, ancient Slavic astrology, Chestnut treeA chestnut tree produces edible nuts inside husks. The chestnut tree is a tree of ‘rightfulness’. Connected to the rightful doing, thinking and feeling you find any injustice offensive. No matter how many enemies you might create you speak your truth openly. Impulsive and sensitive, you might feel disappointed with the injustice and lies amongst people.  This might grow to become a cynicism or emotional coldness. You need the time of silence to withdraw from the world of desires, to re-charge and give yourself a space for the creative impulses.

Ash belonging to the Olive Family: 25 - 03. June and 22. November - 01. December

what is your tree sign, Slav Zodiac: Ash TreeAn Ash tree is a tree of ambition. Beauty, and the wish to succeed surround you. Your intuition is in sink with your intelligence. You have an ability to deeply understand people, relationships, life. This is a gift that almost feels like ‘magic’ to others. You often intuitively know the flow of life and its endings. You will succeed in your plans and enjoy your successes. Your work might become famous during your life-time or after your death.

Sour Cherry Tree: 04. - 13. June and 02. - 11. December

spiritual meaning of tree signs, Slav Zodiac: Sour Cherry TreeA sour cherry tree is the tree of art. You are deeply moved by beauty and all its manifestations so you seak it all around you. A sportsman, or a special diet-follower you will work on your vitality and health until the old age. You look for beauty in all. If you are surrounded with beauty your energy will flourish.

Fig Tree: 14. - 20. June and 12. - 21. December

spiritual meaning of tree signs, Slav Zodiac: Fig Tree A Fig Tree is a tree of feelings. The olives absorb the energy around them. The olive oil has to be kept closely tight in a small container because it will absorb the scents of the surroundings. You are capable to understand the whole spectrum of feelings. Good natured, gentle and sentimental your happiness is not stable. The other people’s un-friendliness deeply hurt you and their friendliness make you happy. In an attempt to please others, sometimes you are too strict towards yourself or your children. You are a faithful partner and that makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. You appreciate the values of the family and you will work hard to establish their happiness. It is the family that gives you security and you need their constant appreciation. Your work is slow but consistent and with your persistency you will achieve results. You find it difficult to start your projects but once you start them you will finalise them. Often you get sick during the cold winters.

Birch: 21. June

What is your tree sign, Birch tree in Ancient Slavic Zodiac AstrologyIf you are born during the longest day in the year you are beautiful, elegant and refined. You are energetic and your optimism is contagious. Friendly you are good natured and charming. You could be a writer, or a leader because you are not afraid of big projects. You could do a lot for the benefit of others. Your good looks, creativity and charisma open the door to your endeavours. You do not forget your life lessons and your memory is great. In love you follow both intuition and intelligence and work to have a passionate relationship even with your long-term partner. You have a quality of a Divine Madman but you do appreciate your family and home.

Beech 22. December

What is your tree sign, Beech tree in Ancient Slavic Zodiac AstrologyA Beech is a tree of beauty. Beauty and dignity is your middle name. You keep your good looks until your old age. To stay beautiful is a must so you work on your fitness, diets, or even go for a plastic surgery to stop the aging process. You follow fashion and like good clothes. In youth you might be mis-understood and unhappy often because of the unhappy love. Later in life you prove to be a faithful partner searching one deep love affair. You should look for a partner that is an optimist to bring some laughter into your life. If you are disappointed in love, you could easily turn towards hate. When you hit your mid-life crises, you might be the one to wish to change the partner, seeking eternal youth. Your best moments are later on in life when your organising abilities come into full force. You will have money.

Apple Tree: 22. June - 04. July and 23. December -  01. January

what is your tree sign: apple tree symbolism and meaningsPeople under the protection of an apple tree are extraordinary gifted. Many cultured considered the apple tree to be the tree of love. You are beautiful, attractive and you constantly think about love. For you falling in love happens every day and you enjoy the ecstasy of love-making. The love can be ‘secret’, ‘passionate’, ‘jealous’ and since you are thirsty for love you might experience them all. Stay honest and open within your relationship so not to complicate them too much. For you it is difficult to stay faithful. You earn and spend your money easily cause you are not attached to it so often you find yourself in debt. You live in the moment of Now, and that could make you a victim of not-real friends.

A Fir Tree: 05. - 14. July and 02 - 11. January

what is your tree sign: Fir tree spiritual meaningsA Fir tree is a tree of mysticism and the people born under the protection of this tree are surrounded by art, mysticism, music. Women like to wear jewellery, and men get attracted to antiques. You have a stable health and a long life. The dangeour is that you could become an egoist that appreciate his or her collection more than people. It is very good for you to have children and live in a family life returning back to the true life values. Aware of your weaknesses you try to transform them into virtues. Very intelligent, completely conscientious and very persistent you can overtake any obstacle. You have strong willpower and you are very patient. If you turn towards the ‘love training’ you will open your heart and start appreciate your partner more.

Elm: 15. - 25. July and 12. - 24. January

Elm tree, spiritual meaning of tree signsAn elm is a tree of attractiveness. If you are born under the protection of this tree you will be very attractive, you also have a strong sense of justice giving hard time to both yourself and others. Open and honest, you are a faithful friend. You take care of your health until your old age. Peaceful and relaxed you do care for others, especially your family members. You are patient with kids and could be very gentle with animals. Your love life is very rich and you fight for your ideal all throughout your life. Because of your stability, optimism and nationalism, you might become a politician. The family harmony, the long-term relationships with your partner and friends, the secure home environment are all very important for your emotional security. Your weakness might be your sense of security vs. your wish to expand into new horizons. Nurture your creativity and focus your intention and you will succeed.

Cypress Tree: 26. July - 04. August and 25. January - 03. February

Cypress tree what is your tree spiritual meaningsA Cypress tree is a tree of faithfulness in love, in business and in friendship. Truly a monogamous creature, both men and women find their love within one partner. Capable to adapt to all situations you are satisfied with the little, you believe that the happiness is not within the possessions but within the lack of desires. Honour is your strongest virtue. You can trust your-own ability to succeed in life that is why you usually do your chore on your-own. You have to learn to trust other people abilities and delegate your work so that you get that extra help and live into your old age.

Almond Tree 14. - 23. August and 09. - 18. February

Almond tree what is your sign treeAn almond tree is a tree native to Asia and North Africa having the prettiest pink blossoms and highly prized edible nuts.

The almond is the tree of optimism. If you are born under the influence of this tree you can adapt to all situations and become a very good manager. Your self-confidence is contagious, your charisma takes you into many love relationships and good business deals. You love the love and life game and falling in love is a part of your life rhythm. Open, giving, friendly you enjoy art, music and sports. You appreciate money as a tool for your entertainment. You are a self-centred perfectionist and that can also be your major weakness.

Pine Tree: 24. August - 02. September and 19. - 29. February

ancient slavic zodiac Pine tree spiritual meaningA Pine Tree is a tree of refinement. The pine gives people born under its influence a gentle, refine body that love to be surrounded with beauty and luxury. You cannot stand ignorance, vulgar behaviour and dirt. You know what you want and how to get to where you want. No defeats can harm you and your goal is always ahead. Intelligent and precise, you can become a millionaire. Be aware not to close your heart. Your weakness is within your ego-centric nature and your lack of compromise.

Willow: 03. - 12. September and 01. - 10. March

A Willow is a tree of Sensibility. Our ancestors thought that ghosts dance under the willow trees. Sensual and with a strong interest for spiritual life your intuition coupled with your perception makes you a natural medium. Your 6th sense is strong and gives you a balanced philosophical attitude toward life. You are sensitive and gentle needing of lot of care and love. A happy family structure is a must so that you can flourish. You are a dreamer, a nature-lover, a romantic, sometimes a melancholic. You are an artist with an amazing inner strength that has no exhibitions unless s/he truly relies on the inborn self-confidence and a world-traveller that dreams of home. You are an unfaithful lover who believes in love, its strength and romance. You prefer to rely on your intuition that on your mind.

Linden tree: 13 - 22. September and 11 - 20. March

A Linden tree is a tree with heart-shaped leaves and drooping cymose clusters of yellowish often fragrant flowers. It is a tree of wizards. Born under the protection of this tree you are deeply connected to secret societies, occult happenings and magic. Beautiful as youth you become over-weight in the old age. With your practical intelligence you are organised, clean and precise and you demand this from your family. If your focus is within the ‘purity’ of the spiritual work you will find your soul-mate and nourture a happy family. Your strong intuition over-powers your sense of the practical analysis. Finding the balance between the two is your key to happiness.

Cherry Tree: 23. September

People born under the protection of the cherry tree are unhappy whenever there is no sun. Aware of it you often try to move to tropical places to combat the rheumatism. Peaceful, tolerant and wise you do not like violence. Live as you please and let others live is your moto. The only time you get really mad is when someone betrays you. The betrayals can take the worst of you. Friendly, you are loved by many, your laughter is loud and contagious, as though you spread sun around you. The centre of attention your magnetism is obvious. You do not understand envy and jealousy. You have a philosophical attitude towards life, its successes and failures. It is a pleasure to be around you.

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