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What is your spirit animal?

Symbols and Signs

What is Your Spirit Animal?

How to identify your animal totem?

For Shamans, each animal has a lesson to teach us and main qualities of animals are captured within their animal spirits that come into contact with us to heal us and inspire us in our spiritual journey.  Their special energies can teach us and guide us in our search.  Ask your inner being: what is my inner animal, my spirit animal, my totem and allow its qualities to inspire you.

Identify any animal that in any way attracts you.  Is there a specific animal that fascinates you more than the rest?  Is there an animal that you associate yourself with?  Is there a quality that you can relate to?  Is there an animal that you meet in your dreams or meditations? This is your spirit animal.

what is your animal spirit

If you fear an animal, it can become your guide.  Shamans believe that if you survive an attack of an animal, then that animal is your spirit guide.

'Find Your Spirit Animal' Meditation

Sit comfortably in a silent place.  

The  can be done inside your home or within your favorite place in nature. It is very good to meditate near the water: a lake, a water source, or near the sea; or in a cave on a mountain top. If you meditate inside, light a candle, switch off any music, your mobile and phone. The best time for any meditation is sunrise or sunset time: early morning or early evening.

Allow all the thoughts to disappear.  As a preparation to any meditation you can do some yoga or walk in nature for around 20-30min.  It is also good to meditate just after a jog or tai-chi, or chi-gong exercise you just had.

This meditation should last around 30min.  Sit straight, relax and enjoy the silence around you for a few minutes.  Do not move, just listen to your own breathing, Follow your breath for around 5-10min.  It is a simple and very effective zen exercises: just breath in and out, observing your breath.  Following your breath you will allow your mind to become quiet.

After, you have focused for long enough to clear your mind from thoughts, work with a visualization exercise that is used by shamans to connect you with your spirit animal.  Within your mind, allow your astral body to 'separate' from your physical body.  See yourself rising up, leaving your body and the place that surrounds you, and go into a high sacred mountain space.  Imagine that the space is filled with amazing beauty and wonder.  This phase of meditation will last around 5-10min.  Once you are within your imagined sacred spot, meet your wise man or woman, the one who knows it all and allow the wise man/woman to invite your spirit animal to come and meet you.  Let your subconscious give you the answer to the question: what is my spirit animal.  Allow this information to flow un-obstructed by thoughts, prejudices, worries, or pre-conceptions.  Allow the animal to meet you eye to eye and feel the connection you have with this spiritual being.  Feel love towards the animal, the wise man, the surroundings.  Take the gift with gratitude and leave the space returning to your meditation spot.


Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal BEAR

animal totem symbol bear

The bear is strong and fast, yet his strength is not immediately obvious.  He hibernates for the winter and his main quality is this ability of contemplation.  His strength is hidden and his inner wisdom vast.  He also represents confidence.  Vikings used to wear bear skins in times of war to appear powerful and fearless. Among Northen American Indians the Bear was considered to be a Wise Teacher.  The bear is also associated with shamans, so it symbolizes the inner healing abilities.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal BAT

animal totems bats symbolism: bat flying

The bat lives in caves and comes out during the night.  It represents our unconsciousness.  The bat has an inner awareness so it is capable to understand the darkness of the night, the death and the world of dreams.  It is known as the 'Guardian of the Night'.

The Native Americans saw bats as symbols of intuition, dreams and visions.   People that have this animal as a totem are sensitive and intuitive.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal BIRDS

animal totem bird symbol

The birds represent joy and beauty.  They fly from tree to tree learning, appreciating, being.  They teach us a quality of wonder.  They are unselfish and are symbol of anything beautiful.

Birds fly and their playground is the sky, so they represent a mystical link between heaven and earth.  In Feng Shui birds are considered a powerful symbol of new opportunities.  Angels have wings and we all often dream to fly as birds.  Birds are also symbols of freedom and they serve as messengers from heavens

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal BUTTERFLY

animal totems symbolism butterfly

The butterfly represents inner journeys and dreams. It is a symbol of transformation moving from egg, to larvae (caterpillar), to an amazing beauty of a butterfly.  Dreams and art is its major quality.  It might have troubles adjusting to a society norms.  In many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul.  Within the Mystical Christianity soul is a butterfly and soul's journey is the one of transformation.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal CAT

symbolism animal totems cat

Cat is a guardian of underworld.  The cat is sensitive, alert and beautiful.  It teaches us creativity, and it is a symbol of female power.  The cat knows how to relax and yet stay alert.  It teaches us how to enjoy life, be in the moment of Now and how to act when the time is right.   In Ancient Egypt cats were sacred and are associated with the Moon Goddess Baset.  The Romans also worshiped the cat as a companion of Diana, the Moon Goddess.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal DEER

symbolism animal totem deer

The deer is gentle, graceful and elegant.  It is an animal that is very alert and sensitive.  Its main quality is unconditional love.  The deer teaches us a quality of determination that is gentle in its approach.  The energy of the deer is present when a person is living from the heart.  The deer offers a quality of inner gentleness, and innocence of a child.  It symbolises intuition and psychic abilities.  The deer invites you to find your peace in silence.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal DOLPHIN

symbolism animal totem dolphin

This animal represents the water element.  The dolphin is emotional, creative, sociable, and playful.  It is in tune with the rhythms of nature. It represents a person that loves company, action and thrives on fun. Dolphin is the king of fish.  Within the Mystical Christianity the dolphin is a symbol of resurrection.  In Greek Mythology dolphins carried the souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed.  Dolphin has both Yin and Yang qualities.  Its Yang qualities are within its active spirit, and vibrant body, it symbolises renewal, health and intelligence.  Its Yin qualities are connected with intuition and dreams.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal DRAGON

symbols and signs: animal totem dragon

The dragon represents the Life Force Itself.  In Asia it is worshiped as a sacred animal.  It is a strong animal that is capable to materialise anything.  It combines the female and male qualities.  Chinese dragons symbolize control over water, our subconscious forces. The dragon is a symbol of power, and good luck for the ones who can bare its strength.  It is a holder of magic powers.   It is a teacher, and a magician.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal EAGLE

symbols and signs: animal totem eagle

The eagle represents a free spirit. It rules over Air element and it is its highest representation.  The eagle lives alone, flies high and teaches us to face our day-to-day trivialities with courage and to see the world holistically.  

The eagle qualities are freedom, determination, clear vision and it teaches us to live our highest potential through clear intentions and ability to manage thoughts.

In Christianity the eagle represents the Christ himself.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal ELEPHANT

animal totem elephant symbol

The elephant is large and strong, it represents eternal strength and a capability to overcome any obstacle.  A famous God in Asia that has an elephant head is Ganesha, a remover of all obstacles. The elephant is kind and respectful of others. They are symbols of wisdom and good luck.  

The elephant has quality of stabilitydetermination and loyalty.  It stands for high sensitivity and it is a symbol for social connection.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal FOX

symbols and signs animal totems fox

The fox is clever.  The fox knows how to hide, and how to hunt even in the very busy human inhabited places.  The fox is beautiful and it represents our senses, instincts and alertness.  

The Celts believed that the fox is a guide, and that it symbolises wisdom

The fox teaches us determination, and the power of focused mind.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal HORSE

symbols and signs: spirit animal horse

The horse is elegant, strong, and independent.  It symbolises personal power and stability.  Within the Greek mythology the horse as a healer.  It can be trusted, and relied upon.  It is a very good friend.  In Feng Shui the horse brings the energy of success, fame, and freedom.  

The horse brings the balance between instincts and reason.  In dreams hourses symbolise sexual energy. 

For Jung horses symbolize natural forces that we master in our life.  They symbolise the core life drive.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal LION

animal totem symbol: lion asleep

The Lion represents the fire element.  The lion is the king of all animals, it represents leadership.  The lion walks like a king, talks like a king and moves like a king.  It requires attention.  If allowed, it is capable to materialise challenging life projects.  

In Ancient Greece lions symbolise guardians of the dead and guardians of shrines and temples.  In alchemy the lion symbolises Gold.  In Buddhism Buddha sits on the lion symbolising strength and wisdom.  In Hinduism, the lion is an embodiment of Vishnu.

Symbolism of Animal Totems: Spirit Animal OWL

symbols and signs: animal spirit owl

The owl represents wisdom. The owl symbolises stillness.  The owl is a symbol of a wise old man that understands the secrets of nature and does not get disturbed by seasonal changes. 

The owl teaches us that there is a spring after every winter, and joy after every period of suffering.  In Ancient Greece owl is a symbol of Goddess Athena, symbol ofintelligence and wealth.

For Native Americans the owl is the keeper of sacred knowledge.  For Aboriiginals the owl isthe messenger of secrets, and a companion of mystics and medicine men.


The turtle carries its home with it.  It needs safety and protection.  Once it has a home, it is a symbol for longevity, health and invisible strength.  They teach us that moving slowly might be an advantage in a long run.  In mythology, turtle represents the moon, immortality, and fertility.  In African fairy tales, turtle represents wisdom.  In Asia it symbolizing endurance, strength, and longevity.  Tortoise shells were used for diviation.

The Ancient Chinese Constellation has four sacred animals that guide the heavens: the Azure Dragon, representing the east, and the wood element, the Vermilion Bird or Fenix of the south representing the fire element, the Black Tortoise that is the ruler of the north tortoise, representing the water element, and White Tiger that protects the west representing metal.


The wolf lives alone.  It is independent and it represents a teacher. It materialises projects alone.  It has no fears and It takes wisdom from the earth.  It is a devoted friend and it knows how to protect its closest.

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