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The Mystics

Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 11:21 am

Worshiping Silence following the Mastery of the World’s Best Mystics we can touch Samadhi...

A-Ma Alchemy of Love by Nataša Pantović

What happens when you find a perfect note? What happens when you experience Samadhi listening to the perfect sound or observing a perfect painting? What happens when your expand to such an extend that it is blessed by , unexplainable, most subtle beauty?

your-highest-potential-is-waiting_blessing poem by Natasa Pantovic

Your Highest Potential is Waiting Blessing Poem by Natasa Pantovic

At a music concert of Armenian State Orchestra of around a 100 talented and for decades trained musicians a Master violinist took us to this magic state.

A grand piano recital of one of the best world pianist Grigory Sokolov entitled "The Legend is Back" took us onto a 3 hours journey through Haydn's sonatas and finished with 5 encores at midnight. While on this "single man on a piano" marathon, we as his audience stopped breathing with every pause he performed. He mastered his and the energy of entire Conference Centre crowd, taking us into the higher states of consciousness...

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A visit to the Rijksmuseum Holland

Monday 16 January 2023 at 11:33 am

The Rijksmuseum

by Nataša Pantović

In every museum what gives it its heart, mind and soul is its permanent collection. If you wish to know what a museum is really about, it’s mission and objectives, keep your eye on the art it owns in long term.


The Milkmaid 1657 / 58 by Johannes Vermeer, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Holland

The museum has total collection of 1 million objects collected over a period of 200 years of medieval art, jewelry, musical instruments. It regularly displays 8,000 of them, including the works of art of the two world most famous Dutch painters: Rembrandt and Vermeer. The museum collection was from its start independent, i.e. did not originate from the royal collection.

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Building

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Building

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Holland was designed in 1885 by Pierre Cuypers. The main building was reopened in 2013, after an amazing ten years of renovation costing 375 million euros. Many of the old interior decorations were restored to their original glory.

"Did you know that a large, new building will take the place of the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam? That’s fine with me; the Trippenhuis is too small, and many paintings hang in such a way that one can’t see them properly."

Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother Theo, 1873

Portrait of a Young Couple (1622) by Frans Hals

Portrait of a Young Couple (1622) by Frans Hals , Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Holland


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R Gallery Malta Exhibition: AWOL

A metaphysical thread for the works of 4 artists: Maxine Attard, Charlie Cauchi, Roxman Romeo Gatt and Duška Malešević Wednesday 21 December 2022 at 12:19 pm

 by Nataša Pantović

In her press release for “AWOL” the gallery’s first group show at R Gallery, in Sliema, Malta, one of the curators Helena Staelens  provides us with a clue to the title AWOL, absent from where one should be; a void or missing relationship she sees between various forms of art. This group exhibition featured an assemblage of works by Maxine Attard, Charlie Cauchi, Roxman Romeo Gatt and Duška Malešević.


R Gallery Malta Exhibition Awol, A metaphysical thread for the works of 4 artists Maxine Attard, Charlie Cauchi, Roxman Romeo Gatt and Duška Maleševic

I’ve seen the works when visited the event where artists spoke about their practice and body of work presented in this show. This gathering was skillfully moderated by Sam Vassallo, where the public was invited to an evening of artistic discussions.

The red sofa that greet the viewer upon entry was the center stage for the discourses about absence. Metaphysically transcending each personal artistic story to “AWOL” or a Void. “In the physical experience it can allude to a subject that is not visible or tangible, yet still present. In a nostalgic sense, it connects as something that has faded, disappeared or is lost in time, kept alive in the residues of personal and collective memory. In a framework of the corporeal, bodily transformation simultaneously fills and creates absence in the material world, often defying social approval and norms.” The exhibition story board narrates.

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Blitz Valletta with the School of Narrative Dance

performance held in Republic Street Valletta. Friday 02 December 2022 at 8:28 pm

 by Nataša Pantović

The open call to participate was available on Blitz’s website and social media.
The event featured participants of every age and background, artists from disciplines as diverse as Pop music, Opera, Tango, Capoeira, Breakdance, Ballet, Gymnastics, etc.
Natasa Pantovic dancing through Valletta Blitz

Natasa Pantovic dancing through Vallletta Blitz

On the 30th of June 2022, Zebbug B.P. Band set the rhythm as passers-by were invited to join the dancers procession. THe message was to re-gain our public spaces, celebrating life, in a rebirth of community making.

Find Nataša dancing in red, with Ema Pantovic singing on the Casino's balcony with a dear friend Sabina playing instruments 4 Daphnie (killed journalist)


by @saradolfiagostini

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU Exibition was held at Blitz Valletta, curated by Sara Dolfi Agostini and featuring a newly developed artwork from the School of Narrative Dance performance held in Republic Street Valletta.

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Blat – The Island Fortress

the first ever Maltese opera film production Friday 02 December 2022 at 6:40 pm

 by Nataša Pantović

Even though an opera is a theatrical form expressed within the theatre environment for centuries, the opera film is a rather new form of art. Until recently, the opera's composer would be passing his instructions to the cast. There was only one Carmen, or one Magic Flute. However, not that long ago, the stage director became increasingly important. With the introduction of an Opera Film, the opera world has become an increasingly complex art form.

Blat – The Island Fortress Film Trailer

To enjoy it, the audience must recognize opera as a multidimensional art performed by singers not actors. The director must remain true to the work, to the composer and the musical language used. This is a three-dimensional art not attempted by many.

Directing an opera film, the director must show the full appreciation for the talents, principal singers, dancers, chorus and stay true to the visuals. We find that not only the stories, but the music and the very form itself has to be reinvented.

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