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Conscious Parenting Course

Gold Mindfulness Training by Nuit

Using the process of self-discovery, the self-development and spiritual tools used within the Alchemy of Love  Training are: mindfulness exercises, the practice of meditation, tools to understand conscious vs. unconscious behaviour, personality questionnaires, setting true personal goals, inner exploration through writing and drawing, use of mandalas, tree of life, spiritual diary, relationship contracts, flower of beliefs, etc.

Conscious Parenting is the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Course designed for parents

We use Transformation Tools and Spiritual Exercises that will help you get in touch with your Soul, with Love, and with Patience when dealing with kids.  Explore the magic work with: Soul's DiarySpiritual Parenting DiaryDeveloping Parenting VirtuesMeditationsRhythmDay-to-day RoutineHappy Family Structure, Cultivating of Relationships, etc. 

Within 12 Modules Examine 12 areas of Your Life and Implement various Spiritual Transformation Tools to help you Live your Highest Potential as a Parent.

Conscious Parenting Gold

Conscious Parenting Course is full of Mindfulness Exercises and Tools to Be a More Loving Parent

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If you join this journey, you will explore some very inspiring Conscious Parenting Exercises about mind powers, subconscious and conscious thoughts, emotions, relationships, you will look into your parenting goals, dreams, and create your personal development plan.

Download Conscious Parenting Course Content and Methodology Pdf

All through the exercises, we hope to inspire:

  • Your relationship with yourself as a loving parent,
  • Your capability to Love, Be Organised, and Respect Rhythm and Structure
  • Your capacity to stay a Creative Parent that is Full of Energy.

Our Consultant Ivana Milosavljevic is Mgr. of Education with the Masters in Special Needs. She has 20 years of experience working with kids and exploring the world of conscious parenting. Her support within the area of creation of Conscious Parenting Exercises was very inspiring. She says:

'Dear Parents, Future Parents, Spiritual Researchers,
After many years that I've spent examining and studying children’s psychology and exploring the wonders of pedagogy some essential questions kept following me and inspiring my journey:
- Is there such a thing as an ideal parent and an ideal growing environment for our children? 
- What is it that our little ones need to grow into happy, independent and fulfilled human beings? 
- What is it that we (grown-ups) need to do so that our children stay stress-free and joyful
- How to understand the needs of these gentle and pure souls that are given to us for our guidance without suffocating their inborn happiness? 
- How to manage to fulfill all the numerous demands that parenting, as the most difficult and the most responsible profession in the world, carries? 
The Conscious Parenting Course was born out of these Magic Questions

I believe the answer to them, is within our eternal search, within our self-development journey and spiritual growth and development and within our constant effort to become more conscious.'

If you wish to experience the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training fully, we will support you with: 30 video and audio presentations, designed to inspire your journey during the 12 weeks of the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training.  The course is now available for onlyeur97

Conscious Parenting Quotes

30 Videos or 11hours of Presentations that support the Course are:

List of Cosncious Parenting Videos

Intro Video Intro to Alchemy of Love

Interview with Nuit Spirituality and Parenting        

Video 1 Module 1 Body is a Temple

Video 2 Module 1 Mindful Eating Perfect Nutrition

Presentation 3 Module 1 Drinking for Health

Video 1 Module 2 Feng Shui of Your Home

Kids and Subconscious, Conscious Learning

Video 1 Module 3 How to Meditate, Basic Steps

Video 2 Module 3 Yoga Breathing Meditation

Video 3 Module 3 Divergent Thinking or How to Practice Creative Thinking

Saying No to Kids and Priorities

Video 1 Module 4 Secrets of Meditation

Video 2 Module 4 Kids and Rhythm, Structure, Love

Video 1 Module 5 Towards Pure Mind

Video 2 Module 5 Practicing Virtues: Assertiveness

Practice Truthfulness

Module 6 Willpower Exercises

Love Your Kids

Video 2 Module 7 Cultivate Loving Relationships

Video 3 Module 7 Meditate on Love

Listen to Your Kids

Video 1 Module 8 Circle of Life or True Goals and Dreams

Video 2 Module 9 Right vs Left Brain Development

Video 3 Module 9 Meditation Expand Your Consciousness

Module 10 Conscious Dreaming

Rhythm, Structure, Love Meditation

Module 11 In Search of Truth

Module 11 Ancient History and Spirituality

Module 12 Meditate on Divine Consciousness

Module 12 Divine Sound & Temples

Mindful Being Interviews and Reviews

Conscious Parenting Interviews and Reviews


If you decide to Buy the Conscious Parneting Gold, for a limited amount of time, we are happy to offer you 2 eBooks (that are a very precious source of information and inspiration) for free.

  • ‘Art of 4 Elements' e-book of Spiritual Poetry

The Art of Four Elements is a Book of Spiritual Poetry and Art. The 120 poems, 40 photographs, 40 drawings, and 40 paintings, all, attempt to explore our eternal quest for inner peace, love, and the beauty of the matrix of cosmic connections.

  • 'Guide to Mindful Eating with 45 Recipes for recovery from Stress' e-book 

Our Guide to Mindful Eating is designed to empower you in your relationship to food, helping you become more aware and conscious of your body / mind connection to food.

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books

Titles in the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training series include:

Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy of Love through Poetry, 2002, ebook, Nataša Pantović Nuit, Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar, Jeni Caruana, ISBN 9789995754051

A Guide to Mindful Eating with 45 Veggie Recipes, 2004, ebook, Nataša Pantović Nuit, Mirjana Musulin, ISBN 9789995754068

Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes , 2005, ebookNataša Pantović Nuit, Olivera Rosic, ISBN 9789995754075 or paperbackISBN 9789995754020

Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course, 2004, e-bookNataša Pantović Nuit, ISBN 9789995754082  or paperback, ISBN 9789995754037 or Mindful Being Gold supported with 25 video presentations

Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents, 2004, e-bookNataša Pantović Nuit, Ivana Milosavljevic, ISBN: 9789995754099  or paperbackISBN: 9789995754044 or as Conscious Parenting Gold supported with 30 video presentations

Chanting Mantras with Best Chords, 2005, e-bookNataša Pantović Nuit, ISBN: 9789995754150

mindful being, conscious parenting, mindful eating books

With the Alchemy of Love Gold course we also offer unlimited e-mail support!

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Mindful Being Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training

Conscious Parenting Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Course

Our purpose is to help you grow as a conscious human being

Artof4Elements is a Mindfulness Training and  Publisher. Founded in 2012 by the author Nataša Pantović Nuit, we designed and launched a mindfulness training serial called Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training. Artof4Elements publishes books, audio, and video materials in areas of Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-Help, New Thought, Alternative Health, Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Nutrition, and Conscious Parenting.

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