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Spiritual poetry by Nuit

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Poems: Art of 4 Elements and Tree of Life

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Art of 4 Elements: Discover Poetry through Alchemy

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The poetry, written by Nuit, acted as an inspiration for the work of other artists. The poetry represents the element of Earth, that is the Mother of all we know and experience, that within its womb carries Spirit going forth into the magic of manifestation. Jason's paintings represent the element of Air, that has no shape and is incapable of a fixed form. It is a symbol of thoughts. Christine's element is Fire that is boundless and invisible, and is a parching heat that consumes all. Within its highest manifestation Fire becomes Divine Love. Jeni's element is Water that carries within: a Rhythm of Creation, and a strength of Tantric flow. Water symbolizes the world of emotions.

Tree of Life Spiritual Poetry Book 

The beauty and wisdom of alchemy is immense. This collection of poetry carries my fascination with the symbolism and magic of 4 (four) elements, its ancient expression within the Tree of Life, its life within the underworld consciousness, earth, transcending to a Divine reality within a human Mind transforming a Soul into its highest potential. Egyptian creation myths refer to a serpent and a primordial egg, which contained a bird of light. Within the Nordic cultures we find Yggdrasil, the tree provides a magical spring-water of knowledge. In Chinese mythology a Taoist story tells us of a peach magical tree that produces a peach every three thousand years. The one who eats the fruit becomes immortal. At the base of the Tree of Life is a dragon, and at the top is a phoenix. Enjoy my poetic spiritual exploration into alchemy, meditation, Tao, Tantra, magic and mysticism and create your own journey.

Nuit about Tree of Life

Spiritual Poetry by: Nataša Pantović, Nuit

Spiritual Evolution by Nuit

Spiritual poem about spiritual evolution from Art of 4 Elements poetry book by Nuit

Infinite Love by Nuit

Spiritual poem about infinite love from Art of 4 Elements poetry book by Nuit

Divine Flow by Nuit

Spiritual poem about divine flow from Art of 4 Elements poetry book by Nuit

Tantric Light                                                                                         NEXT POEM

We became one body, one aura

                                         growing immeasurably

We stayed within the spectrum

                            that melted borders and thoughts

that opened horizons

                                      unknown to the human

and we were not alone

                      all the sentient beings joined us

in this cosmic dance

                                                      We were all One

immersed within the

spiritual poems, Spiritual poetry, alchemy poems by Nuit: Tantra

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Spiritual Work Poem

This Poem explores the quest for finding inner peace, quest for love,

quest for facing Gods and Goddesses so that we could learn how to hear our soul's message,

and understand the cosmic connections within our lives...

Power of Now Poem

An Inspiring spiritual poem exploring the 'Power of Now'. The 'Power of Now' is the most

important power that we were given at birth. When we awake to the 'power of now',

we start the process of self-remembering!

This 'enlightened' mindfulness increases our awareness of life.

This inspiring spiritual poem is called:

To Light Consciousness Love

'I reach for you in the darkness of my empty room
Hoping you will take me
into the worlds of One
into the worlds of Consciousness
into the worlds of Bliss...'

Scorpion Sting Poem

Stung by the scorpion sting, we stay paralised by the power of 'Maya',

we square the circle limiting our Divine expansion, we stay focused on many illusions of Life.

Only an anti-dose can possibly wake us from this dream.

An anti-dose of Self-Remembering, Consciousness and Love...

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Spiritual Poems

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