Pythagoras Spiritual Wisdom and Philosophy

Pythagoras (560-480 BC)

Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece

Pythagoras Endless Wisdom One of the greatest Greek philosophers, a teacher, and a sage.

Pythagoras lived at the same time as Buddha and Lao Tzu and he taught his disciples that life is an endless wheel of reincarnations until we purify and return to the .

Pythagoras formed The Pythagorean Brotherhood, one of the first un-priestly scientific societies teaching and science. Both men and women were allowed to become members of the order.

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Pythagoras taught that numbers had qualities and that geometric figures were powerful magical symbols

His institute had three circles of initiates:

  1. The outer circle lived in their own houses, had possessions, and studied at the Institute. 
  2. The inner order lived within the society, had no possessions, and were required to be vegetarians. 
  3. The third level of initiates were the 'electi' who were initiated in all the spiritual disciplines.

Pythagoras believed that:

  • the reality is mathematical in nature
  • the earth is round
  • that the Soul is immortal, changing from one body to another rising to its union with the Divine

Pythagora and Occult Knowldge

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Pythagoras quotes

Pythagoras about thought

  • Thought is an Idea in transit, which when once released, never can be lured back, nor the spoken word recalled. Nor ever can the overt act be erased All that thou thinkest, sayest, or doest bears perpetual record of itself, enduring for Eternity.

Pythagoras about being human and

  • Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.
  • Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself.

Pythagoras about doing it now

  • If thou intend to do any good; tarry not till to-morrow! for thou knowest not what may chance thee this night.

Pythagoras about virtues and evil

  • Evil destroyeth itself.
  • Virtue is harmony.

Pythagoras about man and animals

  • As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.

Pythagoras about Reason and Wisdom

  • Reason is immortal, all else mortal.
  • The oldest, shortest words - "yes" and "no" - are those which require the most thought.
  • The  of man is divided into three parts, intelligence, reason, and passion. Intelligence and passion are possessed by other animals, but reason by man alone.
  • In anger we should refrain both from speech and action.
  • None but God is wise.
  • As soon as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom.

Pythagoras about Truth

  • Truth is so great a perfection, that if God would render himself visible to men, he would choose light for his body and truth for his soul.

Pythagoras about Number

  • Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and daemons.

Leonardo's drawing of a man in a square

Leonardo further develops Pythagoras' idea that the circle is a symbol of the soul, and the square a symbol of the earthy existence.  Both circle and the square are used together to represent the merge of Divine and Earthy Nature within a Human. 

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