How to meditate properly, Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

How to Meditate?

How to meditate quote from Mindful Being by Nuit

Silence is healing.  Silence is creative.  Silence is necessary.  Regular meditation is a way to clear your  from clutter of thoughts, a way to train concentration and to focus on specific themes. It is a way to Quiet Mind.

Christian Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Deep Meditation Techniques

Quiet Mind and Concentration

Our Mind is constantly active. Seeking stillness within the Mind that is in motion is impossible if you do not use the motion itself.  When the surface of a lake is still, we will be able to see, experience, intuitively sense the ocean of our sub-conscious and to tap into the magic of super-conscious. This is impossible when the surface is agitated by waves of our thoughtsemotionshabitsfears.

In order to still our mind we learn how to understand the body and the influence it has on our mind.  The art of meditation is the art of stillness, the art of self-development, the art of motion within no-motion, action within no-action, visualization and concentration.

Secrets of Meditation video

Secrets of Meditation: How to Meditate Properly 

To still the body, throughout the centuries yogis have used asanas or breathing exercises that in various ways work with the body but also help the mind enter meditation. Taoist use Chi Gong exercises to help them enter into different states of consciousness. Sufis use sufi dance. Hindus amd Christians use music and spiritual dances to enter the space of love, delight, peace.

Inspiring steps to help you meditate properly!

Follow inspiring guided meditations from yogis and meditation teachers that have meditation and  as their life-style. Their inspiration will light your fire and inspire your journey.

how to meditate properly conscious being buddha

Spiritual Meditation and Focus

Chose an object of Beauty that inspires you and use it as your object of : a rose, a tree, a crystal, light of candle…

Concentrating our mind on lightlovepeace, or pure consciousness, we allow the mind to keep ‘busy’ while we connect with the source of powerlovepeace and knowledge using powerful imagery of positive imagination.

Create your own meditation, and follow it!

How to Meditate 

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training and Meditation with Self-Remembering

Training mindfulness is a meditation tool used by various Gurus and Sages. In Budhism mindfulness is a state of a meditative mind.

Within our Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training mindfulness exercises and awakefulness is practiced in every-day's situation. The Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books work with meditation as a spiritual tool for self-development.

Read our main article: What is Mindfulness and Download our gift to you: Free pdf with 12 Best Mindfulness Exercises

Get Inspiration from Yogis, Gurus and Sages 

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.’

Swami Sivananda about Meditation and Dissolution of Thoughts

Meditation is a training of the mind and for any meditation to be deep, inspiring and sucessful, your training has to be done daily. Longer the meditation, stronger are the chances that your mind will enter the space of Bliss.

Main Article: Yoga Science

Alchemy of Love Guided Meditation

Within the Alchemy of Love Meditation Journey we explore how to meditate and enjoy wonders of meditation. The s that we prepared are part of the Alchemy of Love Gold Courses and we hope that they will take you to an amazing journey of spiritual discoveries. Our goal is to inspire your !

Use of Mantras in Meditation

Guide to Mantras Chanting with Best Chords

Singing devotional songs or mantras could be truly a mystical and a mysterious experience. Our Guide to Mantras Chanting with the Best Chords is FREE at the mement as our gift to you in order to inspire your spiritual journey and help you discover the world of mantras chanting.

Meditation Symbols

Sacred occult symbols of meditation affect the soul in a very special way when it withdraws all attention from the outer world, and focusses on an image, mantra or a feeling.

Willpower Exercises


Benefits of Meditation

Unconscious and Subconscious is Vast like Ocean Awareness and wakefulness need to be trained for a long time. For a successful mindfulness training one needs to have a strong willpower


Have you noticed that within the thinking process, a thought weaves into another thought, seeking the other.  If we listen to our thoughts, and observe the thinking process, we notice that the thought world has its-own inner life.  

Dalai Lama about Mindfulness

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