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  • Conscious Living
    Conscious Living  from Belgium Theater Cantina to Mountains of Serbia Free Mind  by  Nuit   The Laika Theatre Group, based in Antwerpen, Belgium , uses food to look at the
  • Dare you not to Pick Up the Fight
    Quantum Physics and Consciousness Applied alchemy of soul and consciousness In our journey towards happiness we Apply Yin and Yang Balance within a Chaotic Day “Yes, I cou
  • Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within War of Genders
    Microcosmos of Relationships Applying  Quantum Physics Consciousness  within alchemy of love The War of Genders is as old as Humanity . It has very established patterns wi
  • Philosophy Mother of all Sciences Applied
    Applying Quantum Physics Consciousness within the worlds of Philosophy Conscious Living In our search for God or Good-ness, consciousness , enlightenment , Bliss, througho

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