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The Humanity / Gaia’s Unconsciousness is Unavoidable Part of our Family Lives by Nuit, the Author of A-Ma

Yin and Yang Balance in Ancient China


Gaia’s environment is at all times either positively or negatively charged.

Following the quantum physic logic, 

Philosophy Mother of All Sciences Applied

these states change randomly but in a typical cycle are distributed within the 50% - 50% ration (a side of a coin will have 50% chance of appearing once you flip it). This law greatly puzzled our ancestors and , for example, while researching this phenomenon have created Calendars mapping all sorts of “Heavenly” influences onto Human Behavior Patterns.

Building their system, using both Intuitive Mind (developed through the practice of ) as a highest potential of Yin states of Being and Reason as a highest potential of Yang states of Being, they have created the most amazing Calendars that listen to the heart-beat of Universe and the elements (within their system they are 5 in number). They have designed a diet whereby each item of food is related to the state of health called Macrobiotics; or within the relationship world they speak of the exchange of female and male energy called Tao of Love, and their ancient Confucius thought gave their children a strong drive for goodness.

Some 1,000s of years ago, to prevent the negative manifestation of Yin & Yang states of they built walls around their Kingdom - the Chinese Wall – that for some centuries stopped Mongolians from various invasions. Their Kings who were respected as Leaders were separated from masses (where they thought Chaos rained) within a secluded environment that only cultivated positive Yang forces of manifestation – philosophers, artists, the best of warriors, all ready to serve the King.


Experimenting, applying the quantum physics laws to psychology, we assume that the Gaia's environment & human behaviour patterns carry within the law of polarization of atoms, the positive attracts negative and vise-versa. Building a highly positive charge with no Yin manifestations of Consciousness, creates reverse effects.

Within China this state of Being resulted in a strong build-up of many superstitions.

Imagine this one!

Feng Shui was a science of determining where to bury the dead ancestors so the good luck will follow the descendants.

Priests, who were carriers of “Divine Wisdom” got so corrupted, competing for more money, giving the opposie advises, caused that people in their confusion stopped burring their dead, keeping them rotting in the back-yards, spreading disease until Government introduced measures to stop the ignorant from their stupidity.

Businessmen and “good men” at work stopped acting when the days were not “beneficial”, causing the country’s collapse during the non-auspicious days. Recently, during the 20th cenury, within all that commotion Religion was banned.

Yin Yang Balance within Human Beings qian_kun 13th century Chinese ancient wisdom within drawing characters

Image Qian Kun 13th century Chinese ancient wisdom within drawing characters

Now, Chinese worshiped all sorts of Gods, ancestors, spirits, their worship is so profound that no Government intervention could possible change the way people relate to Divine. However, it was the Mother “Logic” that China needed as an input to their wisdom system. So they chose Communism to help in their over-all development, implementing among billions the equality of women, free education, free health...

the hemophrodite Universe of each country changes at all times, breathing, constantly evolving while Humanity’s thoughts evolve.

Yin and Yang Balance at Home

While cooking we learned that a saucepan is easiest to clean when we have just cooked or when it is new. If the pot is already burnt, one needs to soak it for hours. Most of us are aware that within the mental and emotional sphere humanity follows the same pattern. We get warried seeing our kids aggressive fearing aggression in their adulthood. We get warried seeing our countries deteriorate with ignorant men or women.

None of us wishes our kids to grow within a disturbed environment.

None wishes to see kids lazy, attached to technology or lying, yet we see our little ones surrounded by modern Influencers endlesly shaping our Minds.

In our ignorance, while setting a family, we believe that Kids fall from trees “perfect”.

The amount of work necessary to shape them into conscious human beings is HUGE!

These days, parents aim for much more than a “survival”, they fight for their kids’ emotional, mental and physical betterment  aiming for the highest.

Conscious Parenting book quote by Natasa Pantovic Nuit about kids nature and truthfulness

Conscious Parenting observing Yin & Yang within Kids

Parenting kids, we are at all times challenged within this matrics of Yin / Yang forces.

For example, a father with more Yang forces might act over-aggressively when faced with strong negative applications of Yin or Yang within his kids. Accepting this fact, men more-or-less left the early stage parenting in the hands of women keeping the task of a Knight safeguarding the environment, making the day-to-day decisions for the benefit of the family.

Animals act sub-consciously

Both kids and animals respect the balance of Yin / Yang forces within each one of us.

When taking care of a baby Labrador while my friend, the owner, was abroad I was amazed by the freezing instinct this dog had when meeting any baby human. A 1 year old baby approached, surprising us all, putting her hands directly into the dog’s jaw, before any of us grown-ups could react, yet the 6 weeks old baby Labrador did nothing to harm the baby staying super careful within their encounter. Needless to say that the Labrador was not yet trained. The story might have had a different ending with a wolf, yet I had many peaceful and loving encounters with wolves when I knew they have already eaten.

In our house-hold my cat (that is always free to go wherever she wants) did eat our bird (always flying wherever she wanted), only because my kids unconsciously allowed the cat into the house before they fed her.

A naturally Yin girl with her imbedded aversion towards mathematics may make the father furious. If her mum has mastered this aspect of her-being (has developed the positive aspect of Yang – logic) she might become even worse in her “war” against her daughter’s natural aversion.

The best is to give this task to a teacher, we as parents, get too emotionally involved…

Important learnings from Yin and Yang balance of Nature is that using a force, the girl will just go into a further revolt.

Remembering our not such a distant past, mathematics were reserved for the boys while the girls’ schools kept their learnings within the area of music, cooking, languages, sawing, etc.

A girl was drawing at all times. A music teacher told her to stop drawing during her class. The girl responded – “but this is my passion!” This intuitive logic resonated perfectly with the Yin nature of the teacher who also had to struggle to materialize her passion within her life.

The Humanity / Gaia’s unconsciousness is unavoidable part of our family lives or Teenagers and Slowing Down

Within the Yin states of Consciousness “slowing-down” is our Guard from all sort of abuse (during the time of slavery) or over-work when cultivating the land or working within a service or product oriented businesses. Subconsciously remembering the horrors of the English Industrial Age, slave-drivers, or using kids as labor, when the working day had 16 to 18 hours. In a natural environment, fishing or cultivating land, men slow-down in winter waiting for the land to rest, women slow down when they have kids, old people slow-down when sick. So nature takes care of our natural cycles.

Within the Yin and Yang states of Consciousness there are positive and negative applications of both slowing-down and laziness.

Within the “Logic” dominated society, one can become accustomed to ignoring the signals from the body. We may be slowing—down because we intuitively feel a sickness coming our way. How many times have you taken your holiday and collapsed? Within Yang states of Consciousness, a male who is a Manager collapses as soon as on Holiday. The “Yang” based minds have more difficulty to sense their “intuitive” mechanism sending signs to “slow-down”.

While exploring the negative manifestations of Yin state of Consciousness, we all know that the land that is not attended to will not give fruits, that a house that is not maintained will collapse under elements, that a child that is abused will not have an inspiring adulthood, that if our garbage is not-collected we will experience the spread of diseases. Our “logical” part is affraid of this “chaos”!

A woman more intuitively feels the need for “slowing-down” and she can direct the man within this cycle. This is why when Yin meets Yang in Harmony, Balance follows their lives. When they have kids this Balance is disturbed both when in a negatively charged environment, or with the inflow of a strong Yang (a boy) or a strong Yin (a girl) manifestation of unconscious behavior of Humankind.

Female Logic and Negative Applications of Yin States of Consciousness

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive nor negative Alchemy of Love Books

"Within Gaia, this amazing breathing ever-changing hermaphrodite environment, that is on Her own sufficient, Life flourished. Within her ever-changing atmosphere resonance is supreme. We as human beings and souls materialized on Earth to experience various manifestations of Yin and Yang states of Consciousness inter-exchange with Gaia’s environment." Nuit, Mindful Living

A-Ma Alchemy of Love Historical Spiritual Fiction set in Ancient China by Natasa Pantovic Nuit

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