Easy Healthy Recipes

Free Online Mindful Eating Recipes: Healthy and Delicious Vegetarian Tuesday 01 October 2013 at 09:44 am

Guide to Mindful Eating

Taste our Easy Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Oat Meal 


oats breakfast recipe food for health


Extremely well to restore power, especially for people who are tired, lifeless and feeble. Recommended as a breakfast.

for a Gluten free alternative check our recommendation:

Healthy Breakfast Millet Porridge Recipes 

Healthy Breakfast Semolina Recipes

Healthy Snacks Roast Pumpkin Recipes

Easy and Healthy Deserts: Baked Apple with Walnuts

Healthy Breakfast Oat Meal 

Vegan Raw Recipe Kale Crisps

Delicious Vegan Raw Cream Cheese

Tasy Raw Vegan Spinach Dip

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Food for Health Main Principles

Eat Mindfully Most Important Tips Tuesday 01 October 2013 at 08:26 am

Guide to Mindful Eating

Food for Health

by Mirjana Musulin

Observe your body  

If you suffer from the skin dryness you might luck liquids or have a problem with your digestion system.

Follow the signs of your body  

Observe your looks, your skin, eyes, nails and hair, because they might indicate the lack of vitamins, minerals, or problems with some organs.

honor oneself Food for Health mindful eating

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Why Food For Health

Interview with Mirjana Musulin Co-Author of Guide to Mindful Eating Tuesday 01 October 2013 at 08:17 am

Guide to Mindful Eating

Why Food for Health, Why Mindful Eating?

Guide to Mindful Eating: Easy healthy recipes for recovery of stress and disease

by Mirjana Musulin

BSc of Economics, Age: 47 yr.

How to Stay Healthy?

This Guide to Mindful Eating was ‘cooking’ in my head for a long time, until the circumstances were right to publish it as an eBook so that it can benefit all with the same problems.  Many of you might be familiar with the story of stress, mine was: moving house, changing job, breaking my relationship, they all came at the same time, as unwanted guests, leaving me devastated, stressed and sick.

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Vegetarian Benefits

7 Most Important Benefits of Being a Vegetarian Sunday 07 July 2013 at 6:40 pm

Mindful Eating

7 Most Important Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

1. Being a Vegetarian is a Lifestyle Choice.  It is a Conscious Choice

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle.  If someone tells me that s/he is a vegetarian, I immediately know that the person made a conscious choice to work on him/herself.

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Healthy Snack

Best Healthy Snacks Wednesday 24 October 2012 at 08:25 am

Mindful Eating

Best Healthy Snacks

Snacks don't have to be a guilty pleasure.  Discover creative and healthy ways to snack...

The way certain foods are chosen and prepared can change how healthy they are for us. 

healthy snacks healthy food choice

Good Healthy Snacks Swap List 

We have created a swap list for you to make your diet healthier and your body & mind stronger.

  • swap meat for veggies
  • swap white for brown
  • swap soft drinks for spring water (with a bit of lemon or lime)
  • swap coloured and processed food with organics
  • swap sugar with honey or fruits
  • swap a milk-chocolate bar for a piece of dark chocolate
  • swap a handful of sweets for a handful of berries
  • swap an apple pie for a baked apple
  • swap cream for plain yoghurt
  • swap 2nd cup of coffee for a cup of white or green tea
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