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Several thousand consecutive years, hid the philosopher's stone from the sight of ones that wanted to learn the secrets of re-union of the THREE. 

Body and Soul and Spirit in its existence on Earth raise a question of two seeking the third - eternal - shining One.  Linked to Earth, the Body sinks deep into the circle of Life and Death.  Linked to Spirit the Soul connects with Eternal in hope of enlightenment, in hope of immortality.

These books carry wisdom of ages of who and what is , and how is Gaia connected to us, to Universe, and to Life...  Who is God to you?

Space & Time



Greece, 560-480BC


  • The Life of Pythagoras
  • Pythagorean Library
China, 570-490BC

Lao Tzu

  • Tao Te Ching
India 150BC-200BC


  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Rome, 1265–1321 Dante Alighieri
  • Divine Comedy
Spain, 1515 –1582

St Teresa of Avila

  • The Way of Perfection
Russia, 1828–1910 Leo Tolstoy
  • A Confession and other Religious Writings
India, 1872-1950

Sri Aurobindo

  •  Letters on poetry and Art
France, India, 1878-1973 The Mother Mira Alfassa  
India, US    1893-1952


  • Authobiography of a Yogi
Russia, France 1877–1949


  •  Views from the real world
Russia, UK, US 1878–1947


  •  The Fourth Way
Tibet, 1950 Sogyal Rinpoche
  • Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

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Spiritual Books, Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Pythagoras image

Pythagoras (560-480BC)

One of the greatest Greek philosophers, a teacher, and a sage...

Download and view the quotes from a compilation of two books:

  • The Life Of Pythagoras as seen by eyes of Diogenes (around 180 AC), Iamblichus (280-333 AC), Porphry (233-306 AC), Photius (around 820AC)
  • Pythagorean Library - collection of the Pythagoreans works

Download your free eBook about the Life of Pythagoras



Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Lao Tzu image

Lao Tzu (570-490BC)

is a path, an underlying law of the universe, eternal, unfathomable and inexhaustible.  Taoists attempt to be one with this principle.  Lao Tzu is a founder of Taoism.

Download or view quotes from this amazing book of Taoist wisdom: Tao Te Ching

Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Patanjali image

Patanjali (150-200) BC

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is a collection of 196 Indian sūtras (aphorisms) that are the foundation of Rāja Yoga, the path of concentration and .  The book contains yogic teachings on ethics, meditation, and asanas - physical postures

This ancient Hindu text became the most important text on yoga, teaching the eight limbs (steps) as a path of realization of the divine.  

Download Patanjali Yoga Sutras


Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Dante Alighieri image

Dante Alighieri (1265 – 1321)

The Divine Comedy is an epic poem written around 1300.  This sacred is an allegory of our journey to .  It describes our paths through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven to understand the Divine Essence, and attain the union with the Divine ‘ the Love that moves the sun and the other stars’. 

Download Dante's Divine Comedy and view the quotes


Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints St Teresa of Avila

St Teresa of Avila (1515 –1582)

Christian saint that with her amazing energy attracted and inspired many. Her religious ecstasies, meditations and for and Crist are admiring. 

Download St Teresa ebook The Way of Perfection or view some of her prayers. 

Through this entire work St Teresa teaches us deep love for prayer.

Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)

Tolstoy believed that a man could find ever-lasting happiness striving for self-perfection following pacifism, loving one's neighbour, and God, rather than looking outward to the Church guidance. 

He died only some days after he abandoned his family and wealth and took up the path of a wandering ascetic, at the age of 82.

The culmination of Tolstoy's thoughts on spirituality can be found in A Confession and other Religious Writings'. 

Download Tolstoy e-book and view Tolstoy quotes

Spiritual eBooks: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Sri Aurobindo image

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)

Sri Aurobindo was a philosopher, a poet, and a Yogi.  He was born in Calcutta (1872-1918), and educated in England. 

The Mother said about Aurobindo: ‘Sri Aurobindo belongs to the future; he is the messenger of the future. He still shows us the way to follow in order to hasten the realisation of a glorious future fashioned by the Divine Will.’

Download Aurobindo eBook of poetry Savitri.

Spiritual Books: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints The Mother Prayers

The Mother (1878-1973)

The Mother, born Mirra Alfassa in 1878 in France, was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo considered Alfassa to be an incarnation of the Supreme Shakti.  In 1927 he wrote:

‘The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence.’

In 1968, she is a founder of Auroville, a Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram in India.


Spiritual eBooks: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Yogananda image

Yogananda (1893-1952)

Yogananda's life story, Autobiography of a Yogi, was first published in 1946.

This book has become a spiritual classic read by millions and it is one of the masterpieces of spiritual literature.

Download Yogananda ebook and view Yogananda quotes 


Spiritual eBooks: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Gurdjieff image

Gurdjieff (1877–1949)

Gurdjieff believed that people cannot perceive reality because they live in a state of a hypnotic 'waking sleep'.  He calls the effort to become conscious ‘The Work’ and his methods the ‘Fourth Way’.  The Work is a training in the development of consciousness.

Download free eBook Views from the Real World that is a collection of his early talks or enjoy reading his best quotes

Gurdjieff is a founder of Gurdjeff Foundation

Spiritual eBooks: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Ouspensky image

Ouspensky (1878–1947)

Russian esotericist, philosopher and mystic.  

His quest for the miraculous resulted in the publication of his book: The Fourth Way.  The book consists of records of his lectures from 1921 to 1946.  The Fourth Way is concerned with a new way of thinking and living.  It shows a way of inner development as thought by Gurdjieff

Download the Ouspensky eBook The Fourth Way or enjoy reading his best quotes

Spiritual eBooks: Download ebooks of gurus, sages and saints Sogyal Rinpoche image

Sogyal Rinpoche (1950)

Carl Jung called the Tibetan book of the Dead his life’s partner in whom he found the secrets of his own soul. 

The book consists of 2 major works: bardo of existence and bardo of dying.  It is a collective work covering a wide range of subjects: meditation, visualizations, prayers, mantras, and descriptions of the stages of death.  Rinpoche has presented us with ancient spiritual masterpiece of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings.  From the Tibetan sacred scripts, he has created a wonderful source of inspiration. 

Download Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and view the quotes

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