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Mindful Eating  Quotes

From  Course by Nuit

Mindful Eating by Nuit Quotes about conscious eating conscious living

'We do food every single day! Conscious Eating is a big step toward Conscious Living. Quality and Quantity of Food is directly related to our Health and state of mind. We can use food to help us recover from Stress and Disease. Not taking food seriously will eventually lead to Stress or/and Disease.'

Mindful Eating by Nuit Quotes about Conscious Eating Conscious Living

Mindful Eating by Nuit Quotes about Vegan Food Body Mind Soul

Mindful Eating by Nuit Quotes about Mindfulness and Overeating

'Lot of us have problems with over-eating, eating too often, eating too little, eating junk food, food allergies, etc.  This Guide the Conscious Eating is designed is such a way to empower you in your relationship to food, helping you become more aware and conscious of your body / mind connection to food.'

Mindful Eating by Nuit Quotes about  and Overeating

Mindful Eating by Nuit quote about vegan food body mind connection to food

Designed with love, full of mindfulness exercises, the Mindful Eating with Raw Vegan Recipes Book focusses on the Raw Vegan Diet. Within the team we had Olivera Rosic, our expert in Raw Vegan Nutrition.


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