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Semolina with a Difference


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Very mild porridge, especially when the body is in process of recovery or do not have the appetite. For me this dish falls into the category of comfort foods because smell and taste of the food remains me of my childhood. Recommended as breakfast.

Ingredients for this delicious and healthy recipe:

  • semolina wheat
  • milk of your choice (if you are milk intolerant you can use almond milk as an alternative to milk)
  • oat or barley flakes (a hand full)
  • coconuts flakes (a hand full)
  • pinch of yellow sugar, malt or agave syrup
  • cocoa or cinnamon
  • vanilla stick 

Preparation of this easy and healthy recipe:

Boil semolina wheat in milk, on mild temperature.  Mix frequently so not to burn the dish.  Notice that the grain of semolina will swell.  Add oat flakes, and add milk during cooking if necessary.  The density should be like the one of the dough for pancakes, not denser.

During cooking add some coconut, yellow sugar with vanilla from the stick. Cooked porridge poured into a bowl and sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon.  For the best taste eat cooled on room temperature. 

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