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Self Development Course Program

AoL European Mindfulness Friday 12 April 2013 at 7:34 pm

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AoL Self-Development Courses Program

12 Modules to Deeply Understand Your Soul 
by Natasa Pantovic

AoL Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting: 12 Weeks full of Consciousness Reserch using 100s of Personal Development Transformation Tools

Why European Mindfulness 

In European Mindfulness process we are connecting our individual stories with collective story bringing to our senses this model of collaboration in which we all have equal voice, even goals.

According to Greek creation myths Chaos (Greek: χάος, khaos) is the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth. This disorder is beginning of creation, place to search for inspiration.

In modern world Chaos is a gap in creativity, disharmony between science and art, rational and irrational, the world of reason and the world of emotions, the gap we are trying to bridge, to unite by our organization.

Why European Mindfulness?

Variety of religious and spiritual movements, such as Yoga, or the New Thought use “mindfulness” for spiritual growth and development. Such an ancient concept in Europe, an innate quality known in Ancient Greece as “Pure Reason” or with Egyptians as “heart-mind” or “Intelligence of the Heart” going back to Ancient Egyptian Babylon’s philosophy, or Ancient Greek Plato’s Soul’s Eye that is purified “for it is by it alone that we contemplate the truth.”, the naming of God’s idea of Pythagoras Music of the Spheres., the mystical practices of Balkan’s Slavs, or Ancient Maltese or Cyprus, or Olimp temple worshipping rituals. In her NET TV Interview Nataša Pantović explains how from the point of view of psychology, meditation, art and music induce altered states of consciousness.

The course material is available for immediate download as a pdf file. 

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Happiness Test

Online Self Development Tools - Art of Happiness Thursday 11 April 2013 at 10:00 am

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Happiness Test 

Online Self Development Tools Art of Happiness

Self Development Courses, happiness test, journey of discovery

Learning the Art of Happiness we come across the Art of  where we learn about power of , , , true , and we become aware of the possibility to live life in harmony with ourselves, our neighbours, our relatives, our parents, animals, plants, and the planet Earth.

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Transformation tools

AoL Mindfulness Training Thursday 11 April 2013 at 09:09 am

Free Personal Development Tools

Transformation Tools

self development course offering

We hope to help you in your  journey and encourage you to take full responsibility for your body and its health, your mind, your emotions, your habits, your relationships, and your spiritual beliefs.

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Personality Questionnaire: Home

Free Personality Questionnaires Thursday 11 April 2013 at 08:11 am

Free Personal Development Tools

Free Personality Questionnaires: Home Questionnaire

We hope to help you in your  journey and encourage you to take full responsibility for your and its , your , your emotions, your habits, your relationships, and your spiritual beliefs.

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Personality Questionnaire: Body

Body Awareness Questionnaire Thursday 11 April 2013 at 06:56 am

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Personality Questionnaires: Body Questionnaire

AoL Mind Map for Series of Books by Natasa Pantovic Mindful Being Course

AoL Mind Map by Natasa Pantovic for Mindful Being Course

We hope to help you discover Your True Self; inspire you to live more passionate and sensitive life; helping you listen to your Soul, finding your-own space in this matrix of life, making a genuine contribution to humanity...

personailty Questionnaires, body questionnaire, no problem can be solved

We highly recommend that you spend a day in measuring your time spent in exercising, resting, and observing your eating habits.  We often do not remember the truth related to our habits and we need to make a conscious effort to record them so that we can become aware of them.

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